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September 29, 2006

Brahmavar church authorities snatch camera from fake journolists and delete photos!

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Udupi Press Club and fake corrupt journalists of Udupi stand exposed again.

On 24th September, a self-styled press photographer from Udupi without any ID made an illegal entry into Brahmavar Church School and took unauthorized photos inside. Authorities rightfully confiscated his camera, deleted the photos and returned the camera through police later.

Udupi fake journalists

So far the issue is identical to incident in Manipal Hospital (where two unauthorized people Umesh Marpally – a photographer known for taking photographs for blackmail and Sijith – equally notorious for harassing girls at Manipal End Point – claiming to be journalists entered emergency ward and took photos of naked patients without permission from doctors or patients. Medical security staff confiscated the camera and returned it after removing the film roll. Click here to read more) which we had covered extensively in this blog.

  • In both cases, people without any press identification made unauthorized entry and tried to take photographs when clearly instructed not to do so.
  • In both cases, camera was taken by concerned authorities and returned after removing photographs taken without permission in restricted area.

However, what is different though is the reaction of Udupi Press Club and its self-styled journalists to the incident. While in Brahmavar Church case, Udupi Press Club washed off its hand after giving a one line protest statement in Manipal incident response was completely different.

Humiliated at Brahmavar (for the right reason), there were no dharnas, no drama at police station, no fake police complaints, no black-badge protest, no letters to Chief Minister, Chief of police, State press club, begging all and sundry officials and politicians to make statements from these fake journalists. No press statement from letterhead organisation like Janapara Vedike., not a whimper from the likes of Nambiar of Kollur Temple scam fameland documents forgery expert Valalambe of ETV, or from rental activist journalist Srirama Diwana and his naxal sympathetic buddies Ganesh Prabhu of Hindu and Subhashchandra Wagle of Kannadaprabha. 

No banner headings in blackmailing evening newspapers of Mangalore Udupi, Karavali Ale or Vijaya Kirana. No cooked up video on Namma TV, Udupi Channel, Udaya TV.  No “breaking news” one sided report in internet portals like or Nothing, nada.

Proves only one thing – Media in Udupi was used by anti-social criminal elements, people with hidden agenda, political opponents to make a statement in Manipal incident. It is no secret that after change of power in state and district, corrupt journalists of Udupi used to accepting “covers” and bottles are facing a dry season.

Just in case you have forgotten, here are some photos from Manipal incident of fake corrupt shameless journalists of Udupi protesting like street thugs in Manipal and Udupi.

Corrupt journalists led by Nambiar with blackbadges

 In this photo you can see journalists of Udupi led by Dinesh Kini, Nambiar making a political statement by wearing black badge. Where are the black badges now after Brahmavar incident? Or have all Udupi cloth-shops run out of black cloth suddenly? Or is blackbadge to be used only when journalists of Udupi want to blackmail for money or to make a political statement?

 Udupi journalists or street thugs?

In this photo you can see journalists blackmailing police to accept false complaint. In just one photo you can see creme de la creme of corrupt journalists – one accused of swindling temple of crores, two of them eyewitness (and conspirators?) to rowdy Hitendra Prasad’s murder. But hey, all of them are “JOURNALISTS”! Salute!

This conclusively proves that Udupi Press Club and corrupt journalists of Udupi make a scene only when it suits them and when the price is right. In Manipal incident the reaction was clearly politically motivated. They wanted to tarnish professional reputation of medical staff and the hospital. And moreover thought they can force some money out! When that did not work they went all out publishing false onesided reports.

In Manipal they blackmailed and forced police to accept false complaint against doctors while in Brahmavar like puppy dogs they begged police to get the camera phone back from Church authorities!

Udupi Press Club - silent when price is right?

However we won’t be surprised if Udupi Press Club after reading this will come up with some protest march just to show that they are impartial (and shameless) You read it here first!

Brahmavar Church incident yet again underlines spread of unethical journalism by corrupt anti-social elements in Udupi. But also raises a question – can anyone claim to be a journalist and take unauthorized photos in private areas the name of freedom of press? First it was inside hospital emergency room and now inside a religious place like church. Where next?


If you are a victim of harassment by journalists of Udupi Mangalore please send your tip to If it is a criminal case involving journalists of Udupi, contact Udupi Police directly at and copy the complaint to us and we will be happy to publish it.


LETTER HEAD ORGANISATION JANAPARA VEDIKE : Organisation dedicated to bashing police now takes the cause of fake journalists and beg police to act on false complaint!

September 23, 2006

It is no secret that some of the exposes we have done here in this blog about fake journalists, rental activists, letterhead organisation has ruffled many feathers.

So it is not a surprise to see yet another letterhead organisation, this time called “Karnataka Janapara Vedike” took up the cause of Udupi pervert fake journalists Umesh Marpally and Sijith. Only Vijaya Karnataka Mangalore Edition under pressure from its Udupi reporters and stringers (whom we had exposed during “Gani Kappa episode” – click here to read that report), published the statement from letterhead fake organisation Karnataka Japapara Vedike.

So we researched further into who and what this “Karnataka Janapara Vedike” is. What we found is not really surprising – it is just another NGO funded by foreign petro dollars (and Chinese Yuan – considering one of its main supporters was caught meeting Chinese Embassy officer) which actively and openly supports Naxals who kill innocent villagers.

People behind this organisation are the usual suspects – likes of fake activists and journalist Srirama Diwana (whose corrupt activities we have extensively exposed in this blog – click here, here and here to read corrupt rental activist journalist Srirama Diwana)

What is extremely funny though is Karnataka Janapara Vedike whose members have made career out of criticising and pressurising police department and officials are now begging Karnataka Police chief to act on false complaints filed by pervert journalists Umesh Marpally and Sijith against medical community of Manipal.

Let us see some samples of how Karnataka Janapara Vedike consistently attacks and demoralises police force:

Karnataka Janapara Vedike Expose

Some more:

Karnataka Janapara Vedike Exposed!

So isn’t it funny the same association which attacks police on daily basis now beg the same police to act on false complaint.

This also begs a question – does an association like Karnataka Janapara Vedike which is funded by foreign and petro dollars and attacks police forces on daily basis has moral authority to go to the same police chief asking him to act on an obviously false complaint filed by fake journalists Umesh Marpally and Sijith?

Or does “Jana para” really mean “Dhana para” considering how Karnataka Janapara Vedike activists collected lakhs of rupees from land lords, business owners in Udupi in the name of opposing development projects?

Whatever it is, we are yet again exposing the hallowness and moral bankruptcy of corrupt Udupi journalists who when exposed go and rent such letterhead organisations like “Karnataka Janapara Vedike” to fight their cause like cowards.

It is indeed pathetic that some corrupt journalists of Udupi are still begging all and sundry politicians / officials to listen to their fake allegations against medical community – when in truth it was the fake journalists themselves who were the perpetrators of crime in hospital when they photographed naked patients in Emergency Room.


COMING UP: UDUPIPRESSVICTIM BLOG goes undercover and now in posession of exclusive video footage of corrupt journalists of Udupi / Mangalore accepting bribe.


NDTV Report – “Blogs emerge as new information centers”, “Citizen activism at its best”

September 18, 2006

Good NDTV report on rising influence of blogs in India.

Some quotes from the report:

“More and more citizens as eyewitnesses to news events are questioning, complimenting and challenging the fourth estate, the mainstream media.”

“blogs represent the end of absolute power enjoyed by press barons and gatekeeper editors”

We in this blog have constantly exposed unethical journalism and corrupt journalists. As regular visitors of this blog are well aware, this blog started as an attempt to present actual turn of events where couple of self styled media entered hospital emergency room and took photos of naked patients. So media themselves were culprit and caught redhanded.

When no newspaper dared to publish factual turn of events and instead targetted medical community, this blog published reports WITH EVIDENCE – arguably first time it has been done in India – and we received good coverage in many popular sites which track blogs.

This blog is now read by thousands of visitors on regular basis and we receive emails applauding us from all over the world. It is clear that with more internet penetration in India, people now are intelligent enough to sort through the news by cross checking other avenues of news – including Blogs.

Click here to access the report which is now online. (link opens in new window)


September 14, 2006

In yet another instance where any pervert can claim to be a journalist and get away with anything has surfaced in Mangalore.

Last few days we saw every newspaper and channel broadcasting about a pervert claiming to be breast cancer expert. Now it turns out he was EDITOR of newspapers “HAI MANGALORE” and “CITY NEWS”

We saw how a rowdy Hitendra Prasad claimed to be a journalist and got away with it. We also reported how Umesh Marpally Vijaya Kirana and Sijith Udupi Channel entered Manipal Emergency Room and took photographs of naked patients.

Will real journalists of Udupi and Mangalore stand up please!?

USING NAXALS NAME TO THREATEN THIS BLOG:Desperate moves by corrupt Udupi Mangalore media to silence this blog

September 13, 2006

Threatning this blog in the name of naxals

In what is probably a desperate move by corrupt media of Udupi Mangalore, we have received several threatening emails / comments by people claiming to be Naxals.

When we started this blog we were fully aware about what we were embarking on. So while not fully surprised by these threats, what is odd is these corrupt journalists using anti-social elements name to threaten this blog!

See this comment:

Author : naxalite (posted from Airtel Broadband network)
E-mail : (Ed:Email masked by us)
Stop this blog. Otherwise we will do our job

Or sample this:

Author : Ashokvardhan Reddy (posted by static VSNL.NET.IN network)
E-mail : (Ed:Email masked by us)
You have stepped on ours and our well-wishers toes. Stop this blog and remove the posts. If you continue we know how to take care of you.

Extensive coverage of corrupt and unethical media of Udupi and Mangalore in this blog sure has ruffled many feathers. We published on this blog how some journalists are leaking police activities to naxals. And we published how some in Udupi Mangalore media openly claim they can transfer any police officer who takes on naxals. 

These threat also begs a question: what exactly are these journalists afraid of? Why are they running around to find-out who is publishing this blog? Why can’t they spend the same effort and energy on rooting out the rot set within their media community?

We have included relevant documents / proof whenever we wrote about corrupt media. Is that causing worry thus resulting in desperate measures by corrupt Mangalore Udupi journalists?

Whatever it is, we stand by our commitment to expose corrupt journalists of Udupi Mangalore. For every threatening emails we have received dozens of encouraging emails, so this fight will continue.

As far as Naxals, they are fighting for a cause they think is just. While we don’t condone taking up arms like naxals, we do have a thing common with Naxals in that we are also fighting with giant corrupt media establishment. Click here to learn about Peoples Rights Group and Pragatipara Patrakartara Sangha (Platform for Progressive Journalists)




September 9, 2006

ETV Reporter Raviraj Valalambe alias Raviraj Gowda involved in massive land forgery scamBLOG EXCLUSIVE:

After reporting how some corrupt media elements in Udupi and Mangalore have been accused and caught running liquor shop(links open in new window), matka den, blackmailing business, taking bribe from mafias ranging from truck owners to communal elements, leaking information to naxals, harassing students in end pointwe have now received several documents where ETV’s Udupi reporter Valalambe has been accused of forging documents in a massive land conversion scam. 

ETV reporter accused of running land mafia in UdupiWe have in our possession (through Right To Information act) documents where ETV’s Udupi reporter Raviraj Valalambe alias Raviraj Gowda is involved in a massive forgery in land conversion scam.

Raviraj Valalambe Gowda (right), who was instrumental in reporting false stories on Udupi Krishna Temple Kanaka Gopura and causing statewide unrest, ultimately lost his face when Krishna temple built a grand Kanaka Gopura. Valalambe who misled whole state, purchased land around the same time. (with no other known source of income it is amazing how these corrupt media elements can arrange lakhs and crores of rupees overnight – we earlier reported how Times of India reporter built a palace in Manipal after he was appointed as trustee in Kollur Temple)

Documents indicate how several documents were forged to get this land converted. It is ironic that Valalambe, is invited by organisations not aware of his shady background to give talks on media and fair reporting! Same Valalambe alias Gowda who can talk for hours on any given topic (not to mention filing inaccurate and false reports as seen by Kanaka Gopura or Adi Udupi Bettale case coverage), is now accused of forging documents to get his land coverted.

Watch this space as we scan and make these documents suitable for Internet downloads. Meanwhile if you are a victim of Valalambe’s unethical journalist activities please email details to and we will investigate it further.


TELGI VIDEO LEAKED TO MEDIA – UNHOLY NEXUS BETWEEN POLICE AND MEDIA: Are cops selling video/photos of interrogations to the highest bidder in media?

September 6, 2006

Telgi interrogation leaked to media by greedy cops?HEIGHTS OF SLEAZY MEDIA:Greedy cops selling interrogation videos to news hungry media?

In what must be one of the most disgusting “exclusive” on TVs, viewers in Karnataka and beyond were subjected to video of stamp paper scam accused Abdul Karim Lala Telgi undergoing narco analysis test. Telgi may be a criminal and public may be interested to know names of politicians and police officers who were in his pocket. But whatever happenned to confidential nature of police interrogation and what kind of media ethics it is to show footage of a person undergoing involuntary interrogation under the influence of drugs?

We here at this blog have always suspected about the nexus between some corrupt police officials and media. And this appears to be a conclusive proof – within hours of narco-analysis test on Telgi, video taped by cops was on the air. Telgi may be a bad guy – but what kind of low lives are these police and media who air these type of footage when someone has been involuntarily made to lose control of his senses? What kind of creepy journalism is this?

For those who missed the TV footage here are some stills from the video aired.

We saw Telgi being led to the test room in the hospital

Telgi interrogation - why are cops leaking interrogation video to media?

Telgi being given “truth serum” or in plain words, drugs

Telgi interrogation - why are cops leaking interrogation video to media?

Telgi being slapped around to prevent him going into totally unconscious state

Telgi interrogation - why are cops leaking interrogation video to media?

Interrogation continues:

Telgi interrogation - why are cops leaking interrogation video to media?


There are many things wrong here:

* Police interrogation is supposed to be confidential in nature. Why is it being aired on a private channel?

* Medical staff who conducted these tests are now exposed due to airing of the video and one can imagine the threat they will face – now that everyone knows who are these doctors and special detectives. Especially when Mumbai blast suspects are being interrogated by the same staff, there is indeed a danger of criminals taking their misplaced anger on these medical staff to prevent interrogation.

* We have covered in this blog on sleazy media. This is yet another proof that when it comes to ratings war, media can go to any length. Journalism/photography 1-0-1 tells that one should not take photo/videos of people who are sleeping or under the influence. In this case Telgi is undergoing involuntary drug test and that is being broadcast by sleazy media?

* Finally, when police can’t even such important footage confidential – how can we trust them when it comes to keeping other confidential information they have by virtue of intelligence etc? What next – will they be selling data on which houses are locked to burglars? Or selling information to dacoits on houses in wealthy localities? Or sell interrogation of prostitutes – afterall there is sleazy hungry media which is willing to shell money as long as there are corrupt cops who sell these confidential information?