ETV Reporter Raviraj Valalambe alias Raviraj Gowda involved in massive land forgery scamBLOG EXCLUSIVE:

After reporting how some corrupt media elements in Udupi and Mangalore have been accused and caught running liquor shop(links open in new window), matka den, blackmailing business, taking bribe from mafias ranging from truck owners to communal elements, leaking information to naxals, harassing students in end pointwe have now received several documents where ETV’s Udupi reporter Valalambe has been accused of forging documents in a massive land conversion scam. 

ETV reporter accused of running land mafia in UdupiWe have in our possession (through Right To Information act) documents where ETV’s Udupi reporter Raviraj Valalambe alias Raviraj Gowda is involved in a massive forgery in land conversion scam.

Raviraj Valalambe Gowda (right), who was instrumental in reporting false stories on Udupi Krishna Temple Kanaka Gopura and causing statewide unrest, ultimately lost his face when Krishna temple built a grand Kanaka Gopura. Valalambe who misled whole state, purchased land around the same time. (with no other known source of income it is amazing how these corrupt media elements can arrange lakhs and crores of rupees overnight – we earlier reported how Times of India reporter built a palace in Manipal after he was appointed as trustee in Kollur Temple)

Documents indicate how several documents were forged to get this land converted. It is ironic that Valalambe, is invited by organisations not aware of his shady background to give talks on media and fair reporting! Same Valalambe alias Gowda who can talk for hours on any given topic (not to mention filing inaccurate and false reports as seen by Kanaka Gopura or Adi Udupi Bettale case coverage), is now accused of forging documents to get his land coverted.

Watch this space as we scan and make these documents suitable for Internet downloads. Meanwhile if you are a victim of Valalambe’s unethical journalist activities please email details to and we will investigate it further.


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  1. Prakash Pedre Says:

    Hi there very interesting blog. I find it interesting that all these people whom you have exposed all have side business!!! Is it any wonder that these news people who are supposed to report news themselves are becoming news!!! Prakash, Oman

  2. Fake journos Says:

    what is raviraj valalambe’s qualifications? must be just another failed graduate who could not find any other job so he became a journalist.

  3. Kanaka Bhaktha Says:

    Since Raviraj Valalambe was solely responsible for misleading our kuruba community in Kanaka Gopura with his highly irresponsible false reporting, I think Krishna temple this time should ban ETV from live coverage of Astami within Krishna Matha premises. Or at least till he apologizes to people of Udupi Valalambe should be banished from Udupi city!

  4. Hiren, Kapu Says:

    Don’t be so naive. Valalambe, Diwana, Wagle and all these assorted journos are well fed by gulf mafia to CREATE NEWS to discredit Udupi temples. Their main target is Pejawara Swamiji and that is why they go out of their way to tarnish Udupi’s reputation. Note all of them are outsiders who came here only few years back – they are well funded by outside who think they can break Hindus by spreading false news.

  5. Gangadhar Karyappa Says:

    Kanaka Temple incident was pure scam invented by political leaders and corrupt journalists. There was tussle for leadership in our Kuruba community and one faction “invented” this incident by bribing corrupt media like Valalambe etc. You can easily purchase media and print/telecast any stories now – there is no responsibility at all, so I am not surprised that media has turned criminal nowadays. Gangadhar, Sharjah (originally from Shimoga)

  6. Rama reddy Says:

    valalambe has tarnished the image of etv…
    i think Etv should fire him, and apologise to udupi on kanaka issue…
    also kick out all outsider journos from udupi…
    as a shareholder in Etv i have already contacted the chief about this..

  7. Udaya Stringer Says:

    Hello blogger – please email me the documents and I will get it exposed on Udaya TV. Contact me at the earliest.

  8. Alevooru Prema Kini Says:

    Root cause of all these problems are outsiders.
    all these indicate one thing, why outsiders have to be tolerated in udupi press?
    Valalambe is outsider, Nambiar is a malayalee, Kiran Manjanbail is from manjanbail, Suresh from Hebri, Karavli Ale shetty from Yermal, AstroMohan is from Bellary, Susheelendra from Kudupady, ….list goes on
    Udupige bere yaroo gathi illave?

  9. Ignatius Says:


    May I get your email address or even phone number so that even I can contribute something to this blog…A good mission taken up by you…need more people to join hands with you, I feel….best of luck and do carry on….

  10. Ignatius Says:

    It is not only in Udupi, but around the state that these kind of journos are spread…who suck others’ blood to achieve their selfish goals

  11. Sri B Says:


    Sir I made to pay 50,000 through court order by him
    read this story and if possible try to bring our
    problem to the notice of ramoji rao.

    a young journalist from Karnataka
    Respected Sir,

    This is a peculiar problem faced by more than 20
    ex-journalists (from
    all over the country-expected to hit another 80+)
    associated with ETV
    NEWS channel, owned and managed by Shri Ramoji Rao, a
    resident of Ramoji
    Film City, Hyderbad-12 (Andhra Pradesh) India.

    Sir, I would like to summarize the problem in some

    1. We are all Masters in Mass Communication and
    Journalism and
    applied for ETV News, as per their advertisement in
    2. After a written test and oral interview, they
    selected us for the
    post of trainee copy editor/reporter and offered Rs
    5,000 as the
    3. But, at the time of joining they forced (!) us
    to sign a articles
    of agreement saying that we must serve the company for
    minimum of three
    years.(see: attachment)
    4. The articles of agreement even read that even if
    ETV people
    terminate us from the job, we must pay the said
    amount. But unfortunately
    they not even said a single word on how much they pay
    us or what’s the
    service conditions, pay scale etc
    5. Actually we are all well trained in our
    University including
    two months of internship at newspaper offices. But as
    we thought that ETV
    is professionally managed company and they might treat
    us as per the
    rules in regard to the journalist acts.
    6. But one fine day, they created us such a
    situation that, we
    simply flown out of Hyderbad. After wards the problem
    After that NEWS TODAY PVT LTD sent many notices and
    finally terminated
    us from job and now even secured a order from Andhra
    Pradesh High court
    over formation of an arbitration bench. Sir,
    arbitration bench hearing
    is on November 10 at Hyderbad.

    Sir, what about law and Justice?

    Sir, I do agree that we violated the agreement. But I
    think, it’s not
    at the cost of Rs 75,000. Sir, when we joined ETV
    NEWS-Kannada as the
    trainees they assured of international level training.
    But for our bad
    luck, they are not even taken a single day class in my
    case. They taught
    nothing special including what’s media, freedom,
    ethics, guidelines
    etc. Even after completing the one-year of trainee
    period, they not even
    given any special degree or additional qualification
    other than change
    in the designation.

    As in our class rooms, we taught that Manisana Wage
    Board is accepted
    and implemented we taught that NEWS TODAY PVT LTD also
    implement the
    same. But, only after joining we came to know that
    it’s not implemented in
    the organization. At last we taught that after
    completion of the
    trainee period we might given the wage as per the govt
    orders. But it’s also
    not done. They are not ready to follow the law of this
    land. But
    expected us to follow the bond. Sir, this is just a
    example for how we
    cheated by NEWS TODAY LTD.

    Sir, first I would like to draw your attention towards
    how the NEWS
    TODAY PVT LTD violated the laws related to working
    journalists. Sir, as
    of work in any
    media house should not exceed for more than one
    hundred and forty-four
    hours during any period of four consecutive weeks,
    exclusive of the
    time for meals. But, NEWS TODAY PVT LTD fixed 8 hours
    work per day leading
    to 192 hours. NEWS TODAY PVT LTD, which speaks of
    75,000 compensation,
    is silent in this regard.

    Sir more than anything I want to draw your attention
    towards the
    another torture given by the NEWS TODAY PVT LTD. Sir,
    once in 15 days they
    made us to work between 12 at midnight to 4 pm of next
    day without a
    single minutes rest. Sir, how could any journalist
    could work for such a
    long hour and handle the news items which is has
    greatest impact.

    Sir, I would like to bring your kind notice towards
    the some of the
    provisions of the Bonded Labour System (Abolition)
    Act, 1976, which
    defined the bonded system as ‘forfeit the freedom of
    employment or other
    means of livelihood for an specified period or for an
    unspecified period
    Or forfeit the right to appropriate or sell at
    market-value any of his
    property or product of his labour. Sir, but none of
    our government
    agencies tried to topple such an effort taken out by

    Sir, as like as any other journalist of this country I
    am also working
    for a state newspaper from Karnataka. Sir, you know
    the salary and
    perks provided by news organizations! Sir, now as most
    of our journalists
    are scattered all over the India and not in a position
    to pay for a
    advocate, how could we defend our self in the
    arbitration bench or in front
    of highcorut?

    Sir, please interfere and protect the poor

    Yours truly

    sri B

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