USING NAXALS NAME TO THREATEN THIS BLOG:Desperate moves by corrupt Udupi Mangalore media to silence this blog

Threatning this blog in the name of naxals

In what is probably a desperate move by corrupt media of Udupi Mangalore, we have received several threatening emails / comments by people claiming to be Naxals.

When we started this blog we were fully aware about what we were embarking on. So while not fully surprised by these threats, what is odd is these corrupt journalists using anti-social elements name to threaten this blog!

See this comment:

Author : naxalite (posted from Airtel Broadband network)
E-mail : (Ed:Email masked by us)
Stop this blog. Otherwise we will do our job

Or sample this:

Author : Ashokvardhan Reddy (posted by static VSNL.NET.IN network)
E-mail : (Ed:Email masked by us)
You have stepped on ours and our well-wishers toes. Stop this blog and remove the posts. If you continue we know how to take care of you.

Extensive coverage of corrupt and unethical media of Udupi and Mangalore in this blog sure has ruffled many feathers. We published on this blog how some journalists are leaking police activities to naxals. And we published how some in Udupi Mangalore media openly claim they can transfer any police officer who takes on naxals. 

These threat also begs a question: what exactly are these journalists afraid of? Why are they running around to find-out who is publishing this blog? Why can’t they spend the same effort and energy on rooting out the rot set within their media community?

We have included relevant documents / proof whenever we wrote about corrupt media. Is that causing worry thus resulting in desperate measures by corrupt Mangalore Udupi journalists?

Whatever it is, we stand by our commitment to expose corrupt journalists of Udupi Mangalore. For every threatening emails we have received dozens of encouraging emails, so this fight will continue.

As far as Naxals, they are fighting for a cause they think is just. While we don’t condone taking up arms like naxals, we do have a thing common with Naxals in that we are also fighting with giant corrupt media establishment. Click here to learn about Peoples Rights Group and Pragatipara Patrakartara Sangha (Platform for Progressive Journalists)



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2 Comments on “USING NAXALS NAME TO THREATEN THIS BLOG:Desperate moves by corrupt Udupi Mangalore media to silence this blog”

  1. Chenga Rama Rao Says:

    Laal Salam, i congratulate the blog for exposing the rotten journalists. You are actually doing our job. It is very sad that the corrupt journalists are using our name to threaten the blog. We will trace these corrupt fellows who are spoiling our image. Please do not hesitate to ask for help if required.
    Also note that we are in no way connected to any journalist in Udupi or Mangalore.

  2. Kanchan Says:

    Time has come to cease this fake journalism around Udupi & Mangalore. Nobody can shut the voice of truth. Cowards who take asylum in dens of naxals should be wiped out without trace.

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