NDTV Report – “Blogs emerge as new information centers”, “Citizen activism at its best”

Good NDTV report on rising influence of blogs in India.

Some quotes from the report:

“More and more citizens as eyewitnesses to news events are questioning, complimenting and challenging the fourth estate, the mainstream media.”

“blogs represent the end of absolute power enjoyed by press barons and gatekeeper editors”

We in this blog have constantly exposed unethical journalism and corrupt journalists. As regular visitors of this blog are well aware, this blog started as an attempt to present actual turn of events where couple of self styled media entered hospital emergency room and took photos of naked patients. So media themselves were culprit and caught redhanded.

When no newspaper dared to publish factual turn of events and instead targetted medical community, this blog published reports WITH EVIDENCE – arguably first time it has been done in India – and we received good coverage in many popular sites which track blogs.

This blog is now read by thousands of visitors on regular basis and we receive emails applauding us from all over the world. It is clear that with more internet penetration in India, people now are intelligent enough to sort through the news by cross checking other avenues of news – including Blogs.

Click here to access the report which is now online. (link opens in new window)

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