LETTER HEAD ORGANISATION JANAPARA VEDIKE : Organisation dedicated to bashing police now takes the cause of fake journalists and beg police to act on false complaint!

It is no secret that some of the exposes we have done here in this blog about fake journalists, rental activists, letterhead organisation has ruffled many feathers.

So it is not a surprise to see yet another letterhead organisation, this time called “Karnataka Janapara Vedike” took up the cause of Udupi pervert fake journalists Umesh Marpally and Sijith. Only Vijaya Karnataka Mangalore Edition under pressure from its Udupi reporters and stringers (whom we had exposed during “Gani Kappa episode” – click here to read that report), published the statement from letterhead fake organisation Karnataka Japapara Vedike.

So we researched further into who and what this “Karnataka Janapara Vedike” is. What we found is not really surprising – it is just another NGO funded by foreign petro dollars (and Chinese Yuan – considering one of its main supporters was caught meeting Chinese Embassy officer) which actively and openly supports Naxals who kill innocent villagers.

People behind this organisation are the usual suspects – likes of fake activists and journalist Srirama Diwana (whose corrupt activities we have extensively exposed in this blog – click here, here and here to read corrupt rental activist journalist Srirama Diwana)

What is extremely funny though is Karnataka Janapara Vedike whose members have made career out of criticising and pressurising police department and officials are now begging Karnataka Police chief to act on false complaints filed by pervert journalists Umesh Marpally and Sijith against medical community of Manipal.

Let us see some samples of how Karnataka Janapara Vedike consistently attacks and demoralises police force:

Karnataka Janapara Vedike Expose

Some more:

Karnataka Janapara Vedike Exposed!

So isn’t it funny the same association which attacks police on daily basis now beg the same police to act on false complaint.

This also begs a question – does an association like Karnataka Janapara Vedike which is funded by foreign and petro dollars and attacks police forces on daily basis has moral authority to go to the same police chief asking him to act on an obviously false complaint filed by fake journalists Umesh Marpally and Sijith?

Or does “Jana para” really mean “Dhana para” considering how Karnataka Janapara Vedike activists collected lakhs of rupees from land lords, business owners in Udupi in the name of opposing development projects?

Whatever it is, we are yet again exposing the hallowness and moral bankruptcy of corrupt Udupi journalists who when exposed go and rent such letterhead organisations like “Karnataka Janapara Vedike” to fight their cause like cowards.

It is indeed pathetic that some corrupt journalists of Udupi are still begging all and sundry politicians / officials to listen to their fake allegations against medical community – when in truth it was the fake journalists themselves who were the perpetrators of crime in hospital when they photographed naked patients in Emergency Room.


COMING UP: UDUPIPRESSVICTIM BLOG goes undercover and now in posession of exclusive video footage of corrupt journalists of Udupi / Mangalore accepting bribe.


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2 Comments on “LETTER HEAD ORGANISATION JANAPARA VEDIKE : Organisation dedicated to bashing police now takes the cause of fake journalists and beg police to act on false complaint!”

  1. Ranjith Shetty Says:

    It is always interesting to see how these letterhead organisation take up causes only when it suits them. In other words, it appears they can take up any cause provided you give them money and bottles. Not much different from journalists of these days – so it is not a surprise Udupi press club went to Karnataka Janapara Vedike!

  2. PK Shet Says:

    ondu jana
    rama diwana
    estondu hesaru
    ninna udara poshanege guru?

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