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Karavali Ale B.V.Seetharam admits taking 5 Lakh rupees to publish false stories during communal riots?

October 25, 2006

Karavali Ale failed journalist B.V.SeetharamB.V.Seetharam of Karavali Ale admits taking 5 Lakh rupees

“Karavali Ale” – an evening newspaper in Mangalore, Karnataka which is accused of pouring fuel to communal riots has again given free publicity to this blog by mentioning this blog on its October 16th Editorial.

Thanks B.V.Seetharam for free publicity and sending new visitors this way! But Mr.Seetharam, how dumb you can be to keep insisting that UdupiPressVictim blog is published by some minister? If you can’t even correctly give credit where it is due, how on earth are we supposed to believe your other reports and words?

We earlier reported howKaravali Ale Group’s founder editor and a failed journalist B.V.Seetharam has been accused of accepting 5 Lakh rupees from anti-social elements to put pressure on government, police officials as well as politicians during recent communal riots in Mangalore. (Click here to read our earlier report – “Mangalore communal riots:Sponsored by Karavali Ale?)

Note that we never wrote B.V.Seetharam accepted money from Ramanath Rai (for those visitors beyond Karnataka – Mr.Ramanath Rai is ex-minister)

However, as the saying goes in Kannada “Kumbala kai kalla andare…..”, B.V.Seetharam himself admits accepting money, but not from Ramanath Rai!

So question is who paid B.V.Seetharam?

In the Editorial on October 16th, B.V.Seetharam has all but accepted this allegation by saying he did not accept 5 Lakh rupees from Ramanath Rai – and indirectly admitting that he DID accept 5 Lakh rupees to foment trouble between communities.

It is no secret that Karavali Ale publishes news and report on “pay as you go” model and as we have reported earlier its SSLC fail reporters openly work as henchmen of criminal elements in collecting haftas from businesses and individuals – all in the name of “Freedom of Press”.

Click here and here to read our earlier expose on Karavali Ale. Also read here how Karavali Ale published a provocativereport which caused a mob to attack and destroy a Church in Mangalore.

However, this must be a new low for B.V.Seetharam – a failed journalist who ventured into sleazy evening newspaper business after failing in his English newspaper business – to accept that he did indeed accept money to pour ghee into communal riots.


Meanwhile, thanks to all those mailed or commented about our coverage on the role of media in the recent Mangalore communal riots. We received unprecedented emails on the Mangalore riots coverage – from journalists across the state who are disgusted at the corrupt media elements of Udupi / Mangalore, and from police officials, business owners who admired our courage in taking on criminal elements like B.V.Seetharam who use journalism as a front to run their blackmailing business.

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Fake journalist Srirama Diwana heading Karnataka Forum for Dignity KFD in Udupi – KFD now accused of planning Mangalore communal riots

October 16, 2006

Karnataka Forum for Dignity

We have written several posts about fake journalist and activist of Udupi, Srirama Diwana (several links at the end of this post).

Now the organisation – Karnataka Forum for Dignity – where Srirama Diwana is directly involved has been accused of planning and executing communal riots in Mangalore.


Karnataka Forum for Dignity

Accusation has come from none other than Communist Part of India (Marxist) state President Mr.G.N.Nagaraj. (see report from Sanjevani above)

If Karnataka Forum for Dignity was able to play with blood in Mangalore, it won’t be long before Karnataka Forum for Dignity will spread its tentacles in Udupi. Stage has already been set when Karnataka Forum for Dignity conducated a public hate speech in Udupi recently. See photo below.

Here is photo of fake corrupt journalist, activist for rent Srirama Divana spreading hate (right most in the photo, in front of the mike) in Udupi under the banner of “Karnataka Forum for Dignity”.

Srirama Diwana spreading hate in Karnataka Forum for Dignity event

It is pertinent to note that Srirama Diwana has dozens of criminal cases against him, including cases of assualting police officers. Rama Divana who was sent to jail in Bangalore police assault case, was able to wriggle out on bail while leaving his followers in the jail for weeks. Srirama Diwana’s links with naxalites of Western Ghats is also well known.

Even with this colourful background, Srirama Diwana is a leading voice in Udupi Press Club. Do you need any other proof on how criminal elements have made their way into the world of journalism in Coastal Karnataka districts?

Same organisation has been accused of bloodbath in Mangalore – will relevant authorities in Udupi wake up and ban this hate organisation Karnataka Forum for Dignity before likes of Srirama Diwana play with blood on the steets of Udupi?


Relevant links to “journalist” Srirama Diwana’s corrupt criminal activities:

 ** For rent activist journalist Srirama Diwana – Story of fake activist with SIXTEEN LETTERHEAD organisations!

** Srirama Diwana playing dangerous double game with Naxals and Udupi police?

** Srirama Diwana cooks up stories for evening newspapers – and how it resulted in the fall of SANJEVANI in Coastal Karnataka

** Srirama Diwana’s other fake organisation Karnataka Janapara Vedike supports pervert journalists in Manipal Hospital case.

** BLOG EXCLUSIVE – How Srirama Diwana and Co. collected lakhs of rupees from businesses and homes of Udupi falsely promising help in Udupi – Manipal road expansion!

Meanwhile if you are as concerned as we are about the growth of this hate organisation Karnataka Forum for Dignity in Udupi under the leadership of hate monger Srirama Diwana, please send a mail to SP Udupi with link to this blog post.

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MANGALORE COMMUNAL RIOTS: SPONSORED BY KARAVALI ALE? Sources:B.V.Seetharam took 5 Lakh rupees to spread communal riots through Karavali Ale

October 13, 2006

Karavali Ale sponsors Mangalore communal riots

Karavali Ale's involvement in communal riots(Click for larger image – opens in new window)

We reported earlier, how “Karavali Ale” published an incorrect inflammatory report about death of one Shashidhar Bhat – which sparked widespread riots in Mangalore and surroundings. Click here for that report.

More and more evidence is now surfacing about the role of notorious evening newspapers of Coastal Karnataka “Karavali Ale” and “Vijaya Kirana” and confirms suspicion among people that whole riot was a well planned attempt by criminal elements and unemployed out of power politicians who wanted to settle scores with politicians, officials using criminal corrupt blackmailing newspapers like “Karavali Ale” and “Vijaya Kirana”.


ale 5 lakh rupees

It is said that a prominent unemployed out of power politician paid Rupees 5 Lakhs each to these eveningers to publish inflammatory false reports to keep the communal riots alive. As we have published earlier, media in Mangalore and Udupi can be purchased for any purpose – and as seen in this, even for spreading bloodbath among different communities – all in the name of “Freedom of Press”

And the demand from B.V.Seetharam of Karavali Ale to transfer honest upright official like DK Police SP B.Dayanandonly vindicates our earlier report that all this is part of a well planned agenda of criminal elements in Mangalore to get rid of honest officials.

Karavali Ale advocates transfer of honest police officer

Caught with clear evidence that he published incorrect report about the death of teacher Shashidhar Bhat – thus causing wide spread communal riots, B.V.Seetharam – the sophisticated blackmail editor of Karavali Ale – is now publishing cock and bull stories about how Karavali Ale withdrew print copies of papers once he realised that report was not true.If he indeed withdrew printed copies of Karavali Ale how come we were able to procure copy of Karavali Ale in Udupi the same night with story of Shashidhar Bhat’s death?

After getting leak from corrupt sources within police department, it is also said that B.V.Seetharam has already made plans to go underground or overseas (afterall his major paymasters in Dubai – and Dubai is now only 3 hours away now that there is a direct flight from Mangalore).

It will be interesting to see how this criminal B.V.Seetharam – nothing but an agent for criminal elements in the guise of a journalist – will come out of this mess he himself created after taking 5 Lakh rupees from an out of power politician.


On a related note, Vijaya Kirana – which openly bashed police has changed its tone today and is supporting SP B.Dayanand. Surprising considering the same Vijaya Kirana which we reported yesterday had openly advocated violence against police. But when the newspaper is run without any ethics what else can we expect from these thugs turned blackmailing journalists?


Our earlier stories on B.V.Seetharam and Karavali Ale:

Karavali Ale’s role in attack on church – by publishing provocative stories about conversions, Karavali Ale provokes mob into attacking church in broad day light in Nov 2004

Karavali Ale’s Udupi reporter caught accepting 50,000 Rupees from an autoshow room in Udupi

Open challenge to Bheeshma of yellow journalism in Coastal Karnataka B.V.Seetharam of Karavali Ale

Karavali Ale’s Bantwal reporter cheats a doctor

Karavali Ale caught and exposed in this blog for using child labour even though its Editor B.V.Seetharam sheds false tears on anything from environment, child labour to Iraq war.

Karavali Ale Group tops defaulter list of Press Council of India – further proof journalism is only a front for B.V.Seetharam to conduct criminal blackmailing activity business and to get government advertisement worth lakhs of rupees every year 


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Mangalore Communal Riots: Vijaya Kirana continues bashing police (and supporting criminal elements)

October 13, 2006

Corrupt criminal media in Mangalore have continued their tirade against police – using communal riots as an opportunity to settle score with honest officials.

We earlier reported how “Vijaya Kirana” labelled police forces as “pundas”. Click here for that report.

Now look at this collage – practically every other banner headline in “Vijaya Kirana” shouts “Police are criminals” and almost instigating public against police. (Click below image for larger image – opens in new window)

Vijaya Kirana continues to bash police

This attempt by “Vijaya Kirana” and other eveningers is nothing short of provoking and urging mobs to attack the police.

This blog has always maintained that some in Mangalore Udupi media are using journalism tag for criminal activities. And the above collage again directly proves the connection between underground criminal elements and “journalists” and how these self styled journalists have little regard for any law and openly attack civic institutions like police, courts.

This is not just about Vijaya Kirana – but other rags run like “Karavali Ale” – run by failed journalist turned professional blackmailer B.V.Seetharam – openly claims it can transfer or suspect any police officials who don’t pay hafta to newspapers or obey diktats of its corrupt editors.

And it is a shame that none in Udupi Mangalore media have any guts to protest this misuse of “journalism” tag for conducting open criminal activities. And instead support pervert photographers like Umesh Marpally (photographer for Vijaya Kirana arrested for taking photographs inside emergency ward in Manipal Hospital. Click here for more on that incident)!

Related read: Earlier post on the role of evening newspapers “Karavali Ale” and “Vijaya Kirana” in Mangalore riots.

If you are / were a victim of corrupt media elements in Udupi Mangalore send your story to


October 11, 2006

Vijaya Kirana calls police as “pundas”

Our earlier guess about communal riots in Mangalore was correct.

It is clear now that criminal elements, including those running newspapers like “Karavali Ale”, “Vijaya Kirana” are taking advantage of the communal riots to settle scores with those whom they detest – including some police officers and officials.

See this report from “Vijaya Kirana” (till few months back published by murdered rowdy Hitendra Prasad).

Vijaya Kirana brands cops as pundas

Click on the image for larger image  – opens in new window.

We earlier reported how some newspapers in Mangalore are intentionally spreading false rumours and news to fuel fire into communal riots. Click here to read our earlier report.

Since police did not take any action on these newspapers like Karavali Ale and Vijaya Kirana spreading false news, the newspapers are now bold enough to directly taunt police officials calling them “pundas” (rowdies)

It is no secret that blackmailing Editors and reporters of evening newspapers like “Karavali Ale” and “Vijaya Kirana” hate straight forward, non-corrupt officers like DK SP B.Dayananda. So like cowards these newspapers are using this unfortunate situation to further their own agenda against police officers.

Will be interesting to watch the reaction of thousands of police who are in Mangalore now working day and night to restore order – some don’t even have access to proper food and water. And a podi newspaper like Vijaya Kirana calls them “pundas”.


Umesh Marpally and Vijaya Kirana

Umesh Marpally, accused and arrested in Manipal Hospital photography incident is photographer for the same “Vijaya Kirana”.

Umesh Marpally is photographer for Vijaya Kirana

To read more about Umesh Marpally and the incident in Manipal Hospital where two photographers without any ID gatecrashed into Emergency Room and took photographs of naked patients, click here. And to read more about how corrupt journalists of Udupi and Mangalore stood by these perverts in-spite of all documentary evidence click here.

It has been more than three months since that incident and police have not yet filed any chargesheet against Umesh Marpally and Sijith.

And for that favour Vijaya Kirana now pays back with a nice title “punda” to police officials.


MANGALORE COMMUNAL RIOTS – EVENING NEWSPAPERS KARAVALI ALE and VIJAYA KIRANA ADDING FUEL TO RIOTS BY PUBLISHING FALSE UNSUBSTANTIATED STORIES – Will District Administration take action against mischief making evening newspapers Karavali Ale Vijaya Kirana?

October 7, 2006



Karavali Ale and Vijaya Kirana adding fuel to Mangalore communal riots

Note: All links given in this post open in new browser window.

Evening newspapers of Mangalore run by criminal blackmailing elements in the guise of journalists are at it again.

Mangalore city has been shutdown for last few days due to communal riots.Origin of the riots started with a small incident which escalated quickly as evening newspapers published incorrect, false information thus encouraging communal elements to go berserk.

On October 6th, Karavali Ale (whom we had exposed many times in this Blog earlier) published completely fabricated report that one Shashidhar Bhat, injured in attack three days back had died in the hospital. Shashidhar Bhat infact is alive and has completely recovered from the attack.But the damage has been done and both communities in Mangalore are now attacking each others shops, religious places in this holy / festive season of Navaratri/Deepavali/Ramzan.

SP of DK District, Mr.B.Dayananda’s appeal to media to publish only factual and nonprovocative stories has fallen on deaf ears as criminal elements who publish Karavali Ale, Vijaya Kirana have vested interest in maligning District police officials and District administration.

SP B.Dayananda and his team had done a lot in DK District to curb criminal activities and this has caused lot of hearburn among criminal blackmailing editors of Karavali Ale and Vijaya Kirana – who regularly take hafta from criminal elements to publish stories against police officials who don’t tow their line. Just read any issue of evening newspaper of Mangalore and see for yourself anti-police articles published by them to demoralize police force.

It will be interesting to see what steps DK District Administration and DK SP will take against these evening newspapers for spreading false information thus causing widespread riots in this festive season.

See this sample from Karavali Ale. As usual without any respect for privacy or dignity of injured in the Mangalore communal riots, its photographers have liberally taken photos of them without permission inside the hospitals. To protest dignity and privacy of the injured we have partially blacked out the photos.

Karavali Ale is not alone in this crime, Vijaya Kirana has published dozens of photos of injured people close up (see below) – all taken inside hospitals and we are sure by inconveniencing medical staff from performing emergency treatment and without permission from anyone.

Click the image for larger image – opens in new window

Karavali Ale headline

Yet again proves that in Mangalore and Udupi, being a journalist is an open gate-pass to do anything in the name of “freedom of press”, even in delicate situation like communal riots.

Journalists of Mangalore, Udupi openly blackmail businesses, professionals, police forces and district officials and get away with it in the name of “freedom of press”. Even hospitals and holy places like churches are not spared as we have extensively covered in this blog earlier.(click here and here)

Vijaya Kirana (whose founder publisher small time rowdy Hitendra Prasad was muredered recently in Manipal) is not lagging behind when it comes to spreading tension.

Click the image for larger image – opens in new window

Vijaya Kirana

Privacy be damned, as long as we get sensational photo and make money publishing hate we are ok – seem to be the motto of Mangalore’s evening newspapers. We have again partially blocked photos of injured to protect their privacy and dignity.

Click the image for larger image – opens in new window

Vijaya Kirana


Karavali Ale provokes mob into destroying church

This is not the first time, Karavali Ale – run by B.V.Seetharam known as “sophisticated exorcist / blackmailer” – has encouraged mobs to attack minority places of worship.

In November 2004, Karavali Ale published a derogatory article against Christians and a church in Mangalore and as a result a mob attacked a church in Kodikal and destroyed it.Christian organisations and publications all over the world have covered this incident and have placed the blame directly on Karavali Ale for provoking the mob by publishing false unsubstantiated stories. Just search in Google for “Karavali Ale Kodikal church” and you will see that publications from Turkey to Chezk have published news on that incident.


This is not an issue of Freedom of Press. If some newspapers like Karavali Ale and Vijaya Kirana are pouring fuel to communal riots, DK District Administration should take steps to temporarily ban these newspapers till the riots are fully controlled. But do they have guts to take on blackmailing newspapers like Karavali Ale and Vijaya Kirana?

One really has to admire the patience of Mangalore and Udupi citizens who have tolerated this level of third rate journalism for years now. 

Isn’t it amusing how the so-called “Buddivantara jille” has tolerated B.V.Seetharam and his gang of highschool fail reporters, stringers for so long or is this an indication of degeneration of our society?

Editor of Karavali Ale, B.V.Seetharam who never loses an opportunity to preach on communal harmony, Iraq war, Sudan violence is now again exposed for his hypocrisy and again caught red-handed publishing false stories so that his bank balance goes up by selling yellow journalism. The photographs of victims in hospital published without their permission again raises the question on patient privacy in Indian hospitals.

As usual feel free to comment and send leads on corrupt media of Mangalore / Udupi to


Gandhi Jayanthi

October 1, 2006

Mahatma Gandhi