MANGALORE COMMUNAL RIOTS – EVENING NEWSPAPERS KARAVALI ALE and VIJAYA KIRANA ADDING FUEL TO RIOTS BY PUBLISHING FALSE UNSUBSTANTIATED STORIES – Will District Administration take action against mischief making evening newspapers Karavali Ale Vijaya Kirana?



Karavali Ale and Vijaya Kirana adding fuel to Mangalore communal riots

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Evening newspapers of Mangalore run by criminal blackmailing elements in the guise of journalists are at it again.

Mangalore city has been shutdown for last few days due to communal riots.Origin of the riots started with a small incident which escalated quickly as evening newspapers published incorrect, false information thus encouraging communal elements to go berserk.

On October 6th, Karavali Ale (whom we had exposed many times in this Blog earlier) published completely fabricated report that one Shashidhar Bhat, injured in attack three days back had died in the hospital. Shashidhar Bhat infact is alive and has completely recovered from the attack.But the damage has been done and both communities in Mangalore are now attacking each others shops, religious places in this holy / festive season of Navaratri/Deepavali/Ramzan.

SP of DK District, Mr.B.Dayananda’s appeal to media to publish only factual and nonprovocative stories has fallen on deaf ears as criminal elements who publish Karavali Ale, Vijaya Kirana have vested interest in maligning District police officials and District administration.

SP B.Dayananda and his team had done a lot in DK District to curb criminal activities and this has caused lot of hearburn among criminal blackmailing editors of Karavali Ale and Vijaya Kirana – who regularly take hafta from criminal elements to publish stories against police officials who don’t tow their line. Just read any issue of evening newspaper of Mangalore and see for yourself anti-police articles published by them to demoralize police force.

It will be interesting to see what steps DK District Administration and DK SP will take against these evening newspapers for spreading false information thus causing widespread riots in this festive season.

See this sample from Karavali Ale. As usual without any respect for privacy or dignity of injured in the Mangalore communal riots, its photographers have liberally taken photos of them without permission inside the hospitals. To protest dignity and privacy of the injured we have partially blacked out the photos.

Karavali Ale is not alone in this crime, Vijaya Kirana has published dozens of photos of injured people close up (see below) – all taken inside hospitals and we are sure by inconveniencing medical staff from performing emergency treatment and without permission from anyone.

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Karavali Ale headline

Yet again proves that in Mangalore and Udupi, being a journalist is an open gate-pass to do anything in the name of “freedom of press”, even in delicate situation like communal riots.

Journalists of Mangalore, Udupi openly blackmail businesses, professionals, police forces and district officials and get away with it in the name of “freedom of press”. Even hospitals and holy places like churches are not spared as we have extensively covered in this blog earlier.(click here and here)

Vijaya Kirana (whose founder publisher small time rowdy Hitendra Prasad was muredered recently in Manipal) is not lagging behind when it comes to spreading tension.

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Vijaya Kirana

Privacy be damned, as long as we get sensational photo and make money publishing hate we are ok – seem to be the motto of Mangalore’s evening newspapers. We have again partially blocked photos of injured to protect their privacy and dignity.

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Vijaya Kirana


Karavali Ale provokes mob into destroying church

This is not the first time, Karavali Ale – run by B.V.Seetharam known as “sophisticated exorcist / blackmailer” – has encouraged mobs to attack minority places of worship.

In November 2004, Karavali Ale published a derogatory article against Christians and a church in Mangalore and as a result a mob attacked a church in Kodikal and destroyed it.Christian organisations and publications all over the world have covered this incident and have placed the blame directly on Karavali Ale for provoking the mob by publishing false unsubstantiated stories. Just search in Google for “Karavali Ale Kodikal church” and you will see that publications from Turkey to Chezk have published news on that incident.


This is not an issue of Freedom of Press. If some newspapers like Karavali Ale and Vijaya Kirana are pouring fuel to communal riots, DK District Administration should take steps to temporarily ban these newspapers till the riots are fully controlled. But do they have guts to take on blackmailing newspapers like Karavali Ale and Vijaya Kirana?

One really has to admire the patience of Mangalore and Udupi citizens who have tolerated this level of third rate journalism for years now. 

Isn’t it amusing how the so-called “Buddivantara jille” has tolerated B.V.Seetharam and his gang of highschool fail reporters, stringers for so long or is this an indication of degeneration of our society?

Editor of Karavali Ale, B.V.Seetharam who never loses an opportunity to preach on communal harmony, Iraq war, Sudan violence is now again exposed for his hypocrisy and again caught red-handed publishing false stories so that his bank balance goes up by selling yellow journalism. The photographs of victims in hospital published without their permission again raises the question on patient privacy in Indian hospitals.

As usual feel free to comment and send leads on corrupt media of Mangalore / Udupi to


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12 Comments on “MANGALORE COMMUNAL RIOTS – EVENING NEWSPAPERS KARAVALI ALE and VIJAYA KIRANA ADDING FUEL TO RIOTS BY PUBLISHING FALSE UNSUBSTANTIATED STORIES – Will District Administration take action against mischief making evening newspapers Karavali Ale Vijaya Kirana?”

  1. Suhaid Ullal Says:

    Why are police not banning sale of these newspapers? I am very concerned that Karavali Ale is getting away publishing all the stories. I have a family in Ullal and I am unable to reach them. Please give constant coverage here. Suhaid, Bahrain

  2. Iqbal Bengre, Dubai Says:

    It is very sad that we have violence in our district. Unfortunately evening papers are spreading wrong news. Why don’t these evening papers make difference by requesting people to keep calm and not to listen to rumours. But instead these Karavali Ale and Vijaya Kirana are speading more rumours.DK District police must take strict action against BV Seetharam and arrest him immediately before he publishes more false news in his yellow paper. Police must also lock out his press.
    Thanks blogger for exposing all these third rate journalists like Seetharam. Allah will look after him.

  3. Mohsin Siddiq Says:

    seetharam poses  he is for muslims but in the back he stabs them when all he cares for is circulation of his yellow paper. shame on those who buy them.

    mohsin gangolli (Muscat)

  4. Prakash Saligrama Says:

    Good expose. B.V.Seetharam portrays himself as leftist pro-minority in discussions and protests. But the newspaper he runs is blatantly anti-minority and encourages Hindus to attack Mosque and churches. What a shame that we have to call these people as “journalists”. No wonder people have so low impression of media people nowadays.



  5. Alex Chandler Says:

    Wow, thats a big expose on Karavali Ale! I did not know his involvement in Kodikal Church episode..When I searched Google for this I hit 27 links all blaming BVSeetharama in all languages! English/ russian/ turkish/french/ spanish/czech etc…he really has spoiled the name of Karavali

  6. Sadanada Pai Says:

    The international flight had landed just a couple of days earlier and already made three successful trips. People are expecting Mangalore to boom. Only things that boomed were the rounds of tear-gas lobbed in some places as also the rounds of fire aimed in the air to scare the mobs.

    Many people are planning to invest in Mangalore…but in this situation, will they be ready?
    This is hate between communities incited by DK districts some popular news print mediums The rumor evening news in Udupi and Mangalore contribute wrong signal by publishing each and every news coverage of cattle running or slaughter house. Astonishingly there are no such evening news bulletins in other part of Karnataka they mushroom in Udupi more?

  7. Nithyananda Valalambe Says:

    Karavali Ale & Vijaya Kirana are accusing each other of biased stand with hindus/ muslims…looks like they have a secret pact between them… vijaya kirana sides hindus, karavali ale sides muslims…both papers will be bought by fools amongst hindus and muslims! Only failed English paper journalist B V Seetharam can come out with these great ideas.

  8. happy Wolf Says:

    These editors should be flogged in naked in the open

  9. sadashiva Says:

    karavali ale and vijaya kirana should be banned.They work to destroy relationship between muslims and hindus and making money just like British did to conquer India.They print the cummunity main than the matter.

  10. Deekappa Says:

    In the war between evening newspaper mafia in Mangalore, common man had to suffer…Message is loud and clear…BOYCOTT THESE SLEAZY PAPERS!

  11. ashraf Says:

    evning news papers are at the all time making too bad thingsfor as, before 10 year in karavali (mang+udupi dist) thear is nothing scope for evning paper. wen they start this business thulunadu was expecting lot of good issues but they are dissopinted, thease evning paper sticktly have to ban

  12. ashraf Says:

    ee bayye paper dhakulenu jagrathe du thuwonda yedde ejjindhanda mukulu porludha thulunadunu marludha nadu malthu buduweru

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