MANGALORE COMMUNAL RIOTS: SPONSORED BY KARAVALI ALE? Sources:B.V.Seetharam took 5 Lakh rupees to spread communal riots through Karavali Ale

Karavali Ale sponsors Mangalore communal riots

Karavali Ale's involvement in communal riots(Click for larger image – opens in new window)

We reported earlier, how “Karavali Ale” published an incorrect inflammatory report about death of one Shashidhar Bhat – which sparked widespread riots in Mangalore and surroundings. Click here for that report.

More and more evidence is now surfacing about the role of notorious evening newspapers of Coastal Karnataka “Karavali Ale” and “Vijaya Kirana” and confirms suspicion among people that whole riot was a well planned attempt by criminal elements and unemployed out of power politicians who wanted to settle scores with politicians, officials using criminal corrupt blackmailing newspapers like “Karavali Ale” and “Vijaya Kirana”.


ale 5 lakh rupees

It is said that a prominent unemployed out of power politician paid Rupees 5 Lakhs each to these eveningers to publish inflammatory false reports to keep the communal riots alive. As we have published earlier, media in Mangalore and Udupi can be purchased for any purpose – and as seen in this, even for spreading bloodbath among different communities – all in the name of “Freedom of Press”

And the demand from B.V.Seetharam of Karavali Ale to transfer honest upright official like DK Police SP B.Dayanandonly vindicates our earlier report that all this is part of a well planned agenda of criminal elements in Mangalore to get rid of honest officials.

Karavali Ale advocates transfer of honest police officer

Caught with clear evidence that he published incorrect report about the death of teacher Shashidhar Bhat – thus causing wide spread communal riots, B.V.Seetharam – the sophisticated blackmail editor of Karavali Ale – is now publishing cock and bull stories about how Karavali Ale withdrew print copies of papers once he realised that report was not true.If he indeed withdrew printed copies of Karavali Ale how come we were able to procure copy of Karavali Ale in Udupi the same night with story of Shashidhar Bhat’s death?

After getting leak from corrupt sources within police department, it is also said that B.V.Seetharam has already made plans to go underground or overseas (afterall his major paymasters in Dubai – and Dubai is now only 3 hours away now that there is a direct flight from Mangalore).

It will be interesting to see how this criminal B.V.Seetharam – nothing but an agent for criminal elements in the guise of a journalist – will come out of this mess he himself created after taking 5 Lakh rupees from an out of power politician.


On a related note, Vijaya Kirana – which openly bashed police has changed its tone today and is supporting SP B.Dayanand. Surprising considering the same Vijaya Kirana which we reported yesterday had openly advocated violence against police. But when the newspaper is run without any ethics what else can we expect from these thugs turned blackmailing journalists?


Our earlier stories on B.V.Seetharam and Karavali Ale:

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Karavali Ale caught and exposed in this blog for using child labour even though its Editor B.V.Seetharam sheds false tears on anything from environment, child labour to Iraq war.

Karavali Ale Group tops defaulter list of Press Council of India – further proof journalism is only a front for B.V.Seetharam to conduct criminal blackmailing activity business and to get government advertisement worth lakhs of rupees every year 


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5 Comments on “MANGALORE COMMUNAL RIOTS: SPONSORED BY KARAVALI ALE? Sources:B.V.Seetharam took 5 Lakh rupees to spread communal riots through Karavali Ale”

  1. R.K.Bhat Says:

    the way riots spread once Karavali Ale started hitting stands on the day of bundh was amazing. you are absolutely right. there is no doubt banning both Karavali Ale and Vijaya Kirana – at least things cool down is in the interest of our society

  2. Kanishk Rai Says:

    You are absoutely right

    Ramananth Rai and Bondala’s cars were seen near Karavali Ale office Baikampady on the day riots broke out. Both these NIRUDYOGI politicians must have paid money to Karavali ale.

    Kanishk Baikampady

  3. Abdul Mulki, Sharjah Says:

    I knew Karavali Ale publishes all sort of nonsense after taking money, but did not know Seetharam is ready to play with blood for the sake of few rupees.

    He should be ashamed of himself for creating these problem to Muslims especially during holy month of Ramzan.

    Abdul, Sharjah

  4. Musa Qutub Says:

    Thank you for brining out fresh perspective on communal riots in our deal kudla.
    It is a mistake our society that we allowed such criminals to flourish in the name of journalism. But it is not too late. I agree government should at least temporarily ban these evening newspapers. Musa, Haleyangadi

  5. Ashley Says:

    It si well known that activists have an open undersanding with these newspapers to get an official cover for their rumour mongering and hatred. It comes as no surprise, for communal hatred has benifited all – politicians, goons, and the newspapers

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