Mangalore Communal Riots: Vijaya Kirana continues bashing police (and supporting criminal elements)

Corrupt criminal media in Mangalore have continued their tirade against police – using communal riots as an opportunity to settle score with honest officials.

We earlier reported how “Vijaya Kirana” labelled police forces as “pundas”. Click here for that report.

Now look at this collage – practically every other banner headline in “Vijaya Kirana” shouts “Police are criminals” and almost instigating public against police. (Click below image for larger image – opens in new window)

Vijaya Kirana continues to bash police

This attempt by “Vijaya Kirana” and other eveningers is nothing short of provoking and urging mobs to attack the police.

This blog has always maintained that some in Mangalore Udupi media are using journalism tag for criminal activities. And the above collage again directly proves the connection between underground criminal elements and “journalists” and how these self styled journalists have little regard for any law and openly attack civic institutions like police, courts.

This is not just about Vijaya Kirana – but other rags run like “Karavali Ale” – run by failed journalist turned professional blackmailer B.V.Seetharam – openly claims it can transfer or suspect any police officials who don’t pay hafta to newspapers or obey diktats of its corrupt editors.

And it is a shame that none in Udupi Mangalore media have any guts to protest this misuse of “journalism” tag for conducting open criminal activities. And instead support pervert photographers like Umesh Marpally (photographer for Vijaya Kirana arrested for taking photographs inside emergency ward in Manipal Hospital. Click here for more on that incident)!

Related read: Earlier post on the role of evening newspapers “Karavali Ale” and “Vijaya Kirana” in Mangalore riots.

If you are / were a victim of corrupt media elements in Udupi Mangalore send your story to

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2 Comments on “Mangalore Communal Riots: Vijaya Kirana continues bashing police (and supporting criminal elements)”

  1. Somanatha Guruvayanakere Says:

    It is a known fact that Police will not take any action on these yellow papers. This is purely beacuse, these yellowpapers continue to publish rubbish on any person who takes on them…Take the example of Mr Vinay Gaonkar…these criminal newspapers have been writing about him from the past 4 weeks without break…they even got this police officer supended by implicating him in a false case! But truth prevails, Mr Gaonkar has been reinstated!

  2. Narayan Nadumani Says:

    Udupi Mangaloorinalli Polisaru Sattu Hogiddareye? They should stop this nonsense!

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