Fake journalist Srirama Diwana heading Karnataka Forum for Dignity KFD in Udupi – KFD now accused of planning Mangalore communal riots

Karnataka Forum for Dignity

We have written several posts about fake journalist and activist of Udupi, Srirama Diwana (several links at the end of this post).

Now the organisation – Karnataka Forum for Dignity – where Srirama Diwana is directly involved has been accused of planning and executing communal riots in Mangalore.


Karnataka Forum for Dignity

Accusation has come from none other than Communist Part of India (Marxist) state President Mr.G.N.Nagaraj. (see report from Sanjevani above)

If Karnataka Forum for Dignity was able to play with blood in Mangalore, it won’t be long before Karnataka Forum for Dignity will spread its tentacles in Udupi. Stage has already been set when Karnataka Forum for Dignity conducated a public hate speech in Udupi recently. See photo below.

Here is photo of fake corrupt journalist, activist for rent Srirama Divana spreading hate (right most in the photo, in front of the mike) in Udupi under the banner of “Karnataka Forum for Dignity”.

Srirama Diwana spreading hate in Karnataka Forum for Dignity event

It is pertinent to note that Srirama Diwana has dozens of criminal cases against him, including cases of assualting police officers. Rama Divana who was sent to jail in Bangalore police assault case, was able to wriggle out on bail while leaving his followers in the jail for weeks. Srirama Diwana’s links with naxalites of Western Ghats is also well known.

Even with this colourful background, Srirama Diwana is a leading voice in Udupi Press Club. Do you need any other proof on how criminal elements have made their way into the world of journalism in Coastal Karnataka districts?

Same organisation has been accused of bloodbath in Mangalore – will relevant authorities in Udupi wake up and ban this hate organisation Karnataka Forum for Dignity before likes of Srirama Diwana play with blood on the steets of Udupi?


Relevant links to “journalist” Srirama Diwana’s corrupt criminal activities:

 ** For rent activist journalist Srirama Diwana – Story of fake activist with SIXTEEN LETTERHEAD organisations!

** Srirama Diwana playing dangerous double game with Naxals and Udupi police?

** Srirama Diwana cooks up stories for evening newspapers – and how it resulted in the fall of SANJEVANI in Coastal Karnataka

** Srirama Diwana’s other fake organisation Karnataka Janapara Vedike supports pervert journalists in Manipal Hospital case.

** BLOG EXCLUSIVE – How Srirama Diwana and Co. collected lakhs of rupees from businesses and homes of Udupi falsely promising help in Udupi – Manipal road expansion!

Meanwhile if you are as concerned as we are about the growth of this hate organisation Karnataka Forum for Dignity in Udupi under the leadership of hate monger Srirama Diwana, please send a mail to SP Udupi spudupi@gmail.com with link to this blog post.

Keep those tips coming to udupipressvictim@gmail.com

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8 Comments on “Fake journalist Srirama Diwana heading Karnataka Forum for Dignity KFD in Udupi – KFD now accused of planning Mangalore communal riots”

  1. James Pitrodi Says:

    I have followed your blog for quite some time and have noted the fight you are carrying on. But I have to ask what exactly are police doing even with all this evidence? Why are they allowing these criminals to carry on their activities? Why are they afraid of press??

  2. rathabeedi geleya Says:

    All the faces in the photograph are familiar! They are the very same people who unnecessarily raked up Kanaka Gopura Issue…now they are running out of issues!
    One of them even has the arrogance to call himself Devaru!

  3. rama Says:

    K F D is future terrorist organaisation
    dangerous threat to the udupi- dk people

  4. Janardhan Bhandarkar Says:

    Fantastic combination marayre!
    Karnataka Komu Sauharda Vedike ottige KFD FREE!

  5. Prakash Ammanna Says:

    Arrest all those who attended Rama Diwanas meeting in Udupi… all these troublemakers  can be clearly seen in http://www.gulfvarthe.com/photoalbum.php?ID=133613
    for more photos and details

  6. James Pitrodi Says:

    Looks like police are finally acting and eliminating those caused riots in Mangalore. Hope they take precaution against Rama Diwana and company in Udupi who are hell bent on organising communal riots in Udupi

  7. Hey,
    I love what you’e doing!
    Don’t ever change and best of luck.

    Raymon W.

  8. Joseph Says:

    Is KFD a muslim organisation ?

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