Karavali Ale B.V.Seetharam admits taking 5 Lakh rupees to publish false stories during communal riots?

Karavali Ale failed journalist B.V.SeetharamB.V.Seetharam of Karavali Ale admits taking 5 Lakh rupees

“Karavali Ale” – an evening newspaper in Mangalore, Karnataka which is accused of pouring fuel to communal riots has again given free publicity to this blog by mentioning this blog on its October 16th Editorial.

Thanks B.V.Seetharam for free publicity and sending new visitors this way! But Mr.Seetharam, how dumb you can be to keep insisting that UdupiPressVictim blog is published by some minister? If you can’t even correctly give credit where it is due, how on earth are we supposed to believe your other reports and words?

We earlier reported howKaravali Ale Group’s founder editor and a failed journalist B.V.Seetharam has been accused of accepting 5 Lakh rupees from anti-social elements to put pressure on government, police officials as well as politicians during recent communal riots in Mangalore. (Click here to read our earlier report – “Mangalore communal riots:Sponsored by Karavali Ale?)

Note that we never wrote B.V.Seetharam accepted money from Ramanath Rai (for those visitors beyond Karnataka – Mr.Ramanath Rai is ex-minister)

However, as the saying goes in Kannada “Kumbala kai kalla andare…..”, B.V.Seetharam himself admits accepting money, but not from Ramanath Rai!

So question is who paid B.V.Seetharam?

In the Editorial on October 16th, B.V.Seetharam has all but accepted this allegation by saying he did not accept 5 Lakh rupees from Ramanath Rai – and indirectly admitting that he DID accept 5 Lakh rupees to foment trouble between communities.

It is no secret that Karavali Ale publishes news and report on “pay as you go” model and as we have reported earlier its SSLC fail reporters openly work as henchmen of criminal elements in collecting haftas from businesses and individuals – all in the name of “Freedom of Press”.

Click here and here to read our earlier expose on Karavali Ale. Also read here how Karavali Ale published a provocativereport which caused a mob to attack and destroy a Church in Mangalore.

However, this must be a new low for B.V.Seetharam – a failed journalist who ventured into sleazy evening newspaper business after failing in his English newspaper business – to accept that he did indeed accept money to pour ghee into communal riots.


Meanwhile, thanks to all those mailed or commented about our coverage on the role of media in the recent Mangalore communal riots. We received unprecedented emails on the Mangalore riots coverage – from journalists across the state who are disgusted at the corrupt media elements of Udupi / Mangalore, and from police officials, business owners who admired our courage in taking on criminal elements like B.V.Seetharam who use journalism as a front to run their blackmailing business.

Keep sending your comments and tips to udupipressvictim@gmail.com

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3 Comments on “Karavali Ale B.V.Seetharam admits taking 5 Lakh rupees to publish false stories during communal riots?”

  1. Abdul Mulki Says:

    Kudos to your blog for being bold and taking on these pundas.

    I read the editorial in question other day while waiting for a bus – and if B.V.Seetharam has nothing to hide in his role during communal riots, why is he writing daily on how everyone is trying to get him? If he has done nothing wrong why is he so worried that he will be arrested?????

  2. Kalyan Rai Says:

    Abdul I agree. If B.V.Seetharam is so pure why is he so worried? Kallarige maatra chinte. so far no one dared to take on B.V.Seetharam and Karavali Ale, so no surprise he is angry at the blog. Talk about shooting the messenger!

  3. Irfan Halekatte Says:

    Whatever Karavali Ale says now – fact remains that Ale was responsible for spoiling our Ramzan this time and god is not going to forgive him for that false report on teacher Sashidhar Bhat.

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