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November 29, 2006

Udupi Press Club using Government Junior College Udupi

Government Junior College, Udupi – popularly known as Board Highschool is the location of Udupi Press Club’s “office” – if you can call a bar like environment as office. Must be only place in the whole state or country where government has allocated office to bunch of blackmailers, criminals, scamsters right inside an educational institution.

But that is just tip of the iceberg.

Office-bearers and members, self-styled journalists of this “club” openly smoke, drink alcohol in their office in open day light – all in the presence of school / college going kids.

Afterall, members of Udupi Press Club already have lot of experience running liquor dens as seen during “journalist” Hitendra Prasad murder investigation. Click here to read more about it.

During day time Udupi Press Club office in Board Highschool compound acts as a hangout for scamsters in the guise of journalists (see our earlier posts on a Udupi journalist indicted in a temple scam), Naxal informant criminal case facing fake journalist Sreerama Diwana (click here to read more about this fake journalist), well known insurance fraud lawyers and all colourful characters we have covered in our blog earlier. 

It is also alleged that liquor is openly served in Udupi Press Club day in day out – without any permit for distributing alcohol. Why is Excise Department silent about this open flouting of laws by “journalists”?

Why is Udupi District administration tolerating this blatant misuse of government facility?

Udupi Press Club collecting thousands of rupees in the name of donation

Udupi Press Club which is using all this government freebies, charges hundreds of rupees to host a press conference in this government facility (this is in addition to charging for cost of refreshment, bottle etc) Why is government allowing use of its facility for COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES by Udupi Press Club?

Is Udupi Press Club filing any income tax returns on thousands of rupees collected?

Udupi Press Club forcing donation from political parties, commercial establishments

If using all government goodies is not enough, just enter Udupi Press Club office. You will be welcomed by furniture “donated” by Syndicate Bank, fans donated by Congress Party and so on.  Did Syndicate Bank or Congress party voluntarily donate these goodies to Udupi Press Club or were they blackmailed into donating these?

If not why is nationalised bank like Syndicate Bank spending lakhs of rupees on an organisation like Udupi Press Club who have been exposed as fake journalists, criminals, scamsters?

More than that, how can public expect fair coverage from media of Udupi when they have openly accepted gifts, donation from commercial and political establishments? Whatever happenned to media being impartial and fair?

COMING UP NEXT:Exclusive photos of Udupi Press Club and its members misusing government facility. Also bunch of questions to Udupi Press Club. Watch this space!


UDUPI:Hitendra Prasad associates try to continue blackmail journalism and beaten up by irate public! Why is Udupi Press Club silent?

November 8, 2006

Guruprasad Bhat

Guruprasad Bhat Udupi Press Club silence! 

We have reported for a while how common citizens of Mangalore, Udupi are losing patience with blackmailing and corrupt media and journalists.

Now we hear from a popular website that one of the corrupt blackmailing journalists and also an associate of Late Hitendra Prasad (who was murdered – click here to read that report)  was beaten to pulp by bunch of citizens who had enough of his blackmailing business. Click here to read the full report from

What is most surprising however is the silence of Udupi Press Club about this incident.  Not a whimper from these journalists who conducted all sort of protest march and black-badge protest in the Manipal Hospital case where two fake journalists were kicked out of the hospital emergency room for obstructing duty doctor and taking photos without permission.

Udupi Press Club – do you conduct blackbadge protests, protests in police station to force police admit false complaints – only when powerhungry politicians pay you off? Or is there suddenly shortage of black cloth in Udupi?


After “Editor” Hitendra Prasad’s murder all of his associates had gone underground and for a while Coastal Karnataka was left only with “blackmail” king B.V.Seetharam of Karavali Ale Group in Mangalore.

But now our sources indicate that, Hitendra Prasad’s chelas – who left him to die in the gutter of Manipal – Suresh Hebri, Guruprasad Bhat are trying to fill the void left in blackmail journalism by Hitendra Prasad.

Guruprasad Bhat Suresh Hebri

Suresh Hebri – click here for our earlier report on the famous episode during Prabhakar Acharya days involving him – is now Editor of a magazine called “CLICK”. We have already received few emails from few businesses, nursing homes about Suresh Hebri blackmailing them and forcing them to give advertisement to his magazine “CLICK”.

And now Guruprasad Bhat has been caught and beaten to pulp by normal citizens who are sick of blackmail that takes place in the name of “journalism” and “freedom of press” in Udupi and Mangalore.

It appears there is some sort of competition among these blackmailers to fill the void left by Hitendra Prasad.

B.V.Seetharam of Karavali Ale is trying hard to control Udupi area in addition to Mangalore where he is the unchallenged king of blackmail journalism accumulating crores. (click here see our earlier post on B.V.Seetharam’s role in recent Mangalore communal riots)

Coming days will only see worsening of the situation and people taking law into their own hands to teach these thugs masquerading as journalists.

Udupi Garbage Treatment Plant – “Journalist” Rama Diwana caught misusing U.R.Ananthamoorthy, Girish Karnad name to collect thousands of Rupees

November 7, 2006

 Diwana misusing U R Ananthamoorthy’s name to collect thousands of rupees

Self-styled journalist activist for rent Srirama Diwana has been caught red-handed again. This time collecting thousands of rupees in the name of helping villagers of Alevoor.

 Srirama Diwana scam

As is his practice, Srirama Diwana can be hired for any cause provided you meet his budget. We saw how during Udupi – Manipal road widening project he took residents and businesses for a ride saying he will get stay from High-Court and collected lakhs of rupees (Rs 5,000 per business/home). Click here to read about that incident.

And now he has come handy to an out of power politician who rented Rama Diwana to conduct protest march. Rama Diwana took up the offer and claimed national level writers like U.R.Ananthamoorthy and Girish Karnad have opposed dumping yard project in Udupi.

It is said that Diwana again collected thousands of rupees for the said protest march. But when some concerned citizens of Udupi called U.R.Ananthamoorthy he flatly denied any knowledge about the protest march!

This is a clear case of cheating under section 420 and it is a wonder how such open outright cheating of citizens by this self-styled journalist Srirama Diwana is tolerated by Udupi district officials.

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UDUPI PRESS CORPS DO IT AGAIN – Patient privacy violated by media in Udupi District Government Hospital

November 6, 2006

Udupi Press again violates patient privacy

Photo says it all (note it is not a doctor who is pulling shirt out of patient)

Location: Udupi District Government Hospital

Media in Udupi yet again openly violates all press norms and journalistic ethics by forcefully taking photos of patients in Government Hospital. All the usual suspects whom we have covered earlier can be seen clearly in the photo.

One has to wonder – does any regular laws and journalistic ethics apply to media in Udupi / Mangalore at all?

Case for standard/uniform credentials and ID for media in India

November 4, 2006

Most of us in India have come across people who throw around their weight and claim to be from “press” or some “TV channel”. It appears any Tom Dick and Harry can claim to be from “Press” and getaway with anything they want – be it in public or in private.

Paparazzi fake Indian journalists

Here in Karnataka almost on daily basis we are seeing arrests of “fake journalists” (see report below of arrests in Bangalore)

Fake journos

(From Deccan Herald, 4th Nov)

 We saw with disgust during Mumbai bomb blasts when visual/print media without any respect for deceased/injured thrust their mikes and camera into the partially naked bodies.

And some channels/newspapers even encourage citizens to be voyeurs and send photos taken from cell phones! Disgusting – whatever happenned to concept of privacy or basic human dignity?

With the mushrooming of TV Channels and newspapers, it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish if one is a genuine media person or some pervert who is using “media” tag to do unethical activities – like taking photos of college girls without their permission or taking photos/video of patients who are naked inside the hospital emergency room.

Almost on daily basis we are seeing “media” people getting arrested for cheating etc. See this latest news from Bangalore above.

 When challenged these “media” people get unruly and start shouting that they are in “public space” – whatever that means.

Fake journalists

(above news clip from Vijaya Karnataka)

With the rapid growth of services industry, even in small town India we see store clerks, janitors, sales people wearing or having some sort of ID. And other professionals like doctors, lawyers can be readily identified by their attire.

So why is that we don’t have any sort of standard credentials or ID for media people in India? Except for some big TV channels most of media in India don’t carry any ID.  This has resulted in mushrooming of fake journalists and media who think saying the magic word “PRESS” entitles them to whatever they wish to do – and as we have reported earlier in this blog, even invading private spaces like homes, schools, hospitals. Not to mention the whole underworld-media blackmailing nexus like “Karavali Ale” group – which goes after officials, police officers, politicians if they don’t pay money to its reporters.

So what is the solution? Press Council of India – supposedly the watchdog of print media is spineless when it comes to acting on complaints against yellow journalism.  And there is no central Press Association when all Press Clubs and Associations in Indian cities are mirred in their own in-fighting – as seen in fist fights during Bangalore, Mumbai Press Club elections!

At least for now idea of uniform media credential in India seems bit farfetched. With general public already taking a very dim view of media people and almost daily arrests of fake journalists, it won’t be long before people start questioning all press/media. And when this disgust with media becomes widespread in society and reaches a boiling point, even IDs may not help!


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