UDUPI PRESS CORPS DO IT AGAIN – Patient privacy violated by media in Udupi District Government Hospital

Udupi Press again violates patient privacy

Photo says it all (note it is not a doctor who is pulling shirt out of patient)

Location: Udupi District Government Hospital

Media in Udupi yet again openly violates all press norms and journalistic ethics by forcefully taking photos of patients in Government Hospital. All the usual suspects whom we have covered earlier can be seen clearly in the photo.

One has to wonder – does any regular laws and journalistic ethics apply to media in Udupi / Mangalore at all?

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4 Comments on “UDUPI PRESS CORPS DO IT AGAIN – Patient privacy violated by media in Udupi District Government Hospital”

  1. Nithyananda Valalambe Says:

    Is it not Mohanchandra Nambiar of Kollur temple scam?
    How come they are getting associated with politicians??

  2. Deekappa Says:

    It is shameful that Press club office bearers openly seen with out of power politicians of Udupi…
    It also explains why these antisocial elements do not care for administration, be it district administration or police.

  3. Premananda Katpadi Says:

    Now I see a prospective candidate for Udupi Press Club President post…After losing Kollur trustee post Times Of India reporter Mohanchandra Nambiar is trying to become president…after Hithendras disapperance, his path has become clear…Alevoor Dinesh Kini will have a tough fight!

  4. Sulochana Damle Says:

    Have you all see the latest? Another contender for the post of President Udupi Press Club was beaten by opposite camp, in his own office?
    What is happening to Udupi Journalists?
    One gets murdered…
    another two get arrested for taking nude pictures of patients…
    one more goes underground for the fear of gettting caught in murder case…
    and now…Read on…

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