Udupi Garbage Treatment Plant – “Journalist” Rama Diwana caught misusing U.R.Ananthamoorthy, Girish Karnad name to collect thousands of Rupees

 Diwana misusing U R Ananthamoorthy’s name to collect thousands of rupees

Self-styled journalist activist for rent Srirama Diwana has been caught red-handed again. This time collecting thousands of rupees in the name of helping villagers of Alevoor.

 Srirama Diwana scam

As is his practice, Srirama Diwana can be hired for any cause provided you meet his budget. We saw how during Udupi – Manipal road widening project he took residents and businesses for a ride saying he will get stay from High-Court and collected lakhs of rupees (Rs 5,000 per business/home). Click here to read about that incident.

And now he has come handy to an out of power politician who rented Rama Diwana to conduct protest march. Rama Diwana took up the offer and claimed national level writers like U.R.Ananthamoorthy and Girish Karnad have opposed dumping yard project in Udupi.

It is said that Diwana again collected thousands of rupees for the said protest march. But when some concerned citizens of Udupi called U.R.Ananthamoorthy he flatly denied any knowledge about the protest march!

This is a clear case of cheating under section 420 and it is a wonder how such open outright cheating of citizens by this self-styled journalist Srirama Diwana is tolerated by Udupi district officials.

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5 Comments on “Udupi Garbage Treatment Plant – “Journalist” Rama Diwana caught misusing U.R.Ananthamoorthy, Girish Karnad name to collect thousands of Rupees”

  1. Bhojaraya Mannupalla Says:

    Intead of heading so many letterhead organisations, why cant Rama Divana start a group of organisations? Some names suggested are
    – Elladakkoo Virodha Sangha
    – Hire a protest
    – For Rent Activists
    it saves money on making multiple banners/ letterheads…

  2. Krishna Poojary Says:

    Hi, I am resident of Dubai but originally from Chitpady. Everytime I come to my home the stink is unbearable at Beedinagudde. And now when government is doing something to solve the problem these people appear.

    This is what happens when majority remain silent and let troublemakers like Rama Diwana get all the attention. As the saying goes “barking dog is heard loud”. I hope citizens of Udupi show proper place to such people.

    Krishna Dubai

  3. Shekar Kutpadi Says:

    Parents are no longer giving girls to those who live near Beedinagudde, Chitpady areas because the air there is so unhealthy.

    In all cities garbage clean area is outside and only in Udupi it is right at the center!! Too bad few people like Rama DIwana can do anything to make money.

  4. Rohan Menezes Says:

    This is all due to upcoming elections and politics. Sabapathy has been sidelined in Congress so he wants to take control. So all this nataka marayre. Rohan, Bahrain

  5. Murali Indrali Says:

    Bury all these intellectuals & Rama Divana in the Beedinagudde Garbage Dump!

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