UDUPI:Hitendra Prasad associates try to continue blackmail journalism and beaten up by irate public! Why is Udupi Press Club silent?

Guruprasad Bhat

Guruprasad Bhat Udupi Press Club silence! 

We have reported for a while how common citizens of Mangalore, Udupi are losing patience with blackmailing and corrupt media and journalists.

Now we hear from a popular website Gulfvarte.com that one of the corrupt blackmailing journalists and also an associate of Late Hitendra Prasad (who was murdered – click here to read that report)  was beaten to pulp by bunch of citizens who had enough of his blackmailing business. Click here to read the full report from Gulfvarte.com

What is most surprising however is the silence of Udupi Press Club about this incident.  Not a whimper from these journalists who conducted all sort of protest march and black-badge protest in the Manipal Hospital case where two fake journalists were kicked out of the hospital emergency room for obstructing duty doctor and taking photos without permission.

Udupi Press Club – do you conduct blackbadge protests, protests in police station to force police admit false complaints – only when powerhungry politicians pay you off? Or is there suddenly shortage of black cloth in Udupi?


After “Editor” Hitendra Prasad’s murder all of his associates had gone underground and for a while Coastal Karnataka was left only with “blackmail” king B.V.Seetharam of Karavali Ale Group in Mangalore.

But now our sources indicate that, Hitendra Prasad’s chelas – who left him to die in the gutter of Manipal – Suresh Hebri, Guruprasad Bhat are trying to fill the void left in blackmail journalism by Hitendra Prasad.

Guruprasad Bhat Suresh Hebri

Suresh Hebri – click here for our earlier report on the famous episode during Prabhakar Acharya days involving him – is now Editor of a magazine called “CLICK”. We have already received few emails from few businesses, nursing homes about Suresh Hebri blackmailing them and forcing them to give advertisement to his magazine “CLICK”.

And now Guruprasad Bhat has been caught and beaten to pulp by normal citizens who are sick of blackmail that takes place in the name of “journalism” and “freedom of press” in Udupi and Mangalore.

It appears there is some sort of competition among these blackmailers to fill the void left by Hitendra Prasad.

B.V.Seetharam of Karavali Ale is trying hard to control Udupi area in addition to Mangalore where he is the unchallenged king of blackmail journalism accumulating crores. (click here see our earlier post on B.V.Seetharam’s role in recent Mangalore communal riots)

Coming days will only see worsening of the situation and people taking law into their own hands to teach these thugs masquerading as journalists.

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3 Comments on “UDUPI:Hitendra Prasad associates try to continue blackmail journalism and beaten up by irate public! Why is Udupi Press Club silent?”

  1. Kudla Patrakarta Says:

    It is sad these people have not learnt anything from what happenned to Hitendra Prasad. However not really surprised about B.V.Seetharam. With all the illgotten money he still has to travel with goondas as his bodygaurds..!

  2. Abhimani bangalore Says:

    Click is run by Bangalore based media house. Suresh Hebri is just a petty reporter…All the tabloids depend on rubbish news supplied by such reporters…

  3. Raviraja Valalambe Says:

    Ban the so called fake journalists from contesting for Udupi Press Club
    Do not allow those with cases related to forgery charges/ impersonation/ assualt/ nude photography/ temple fund scams

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