Udupi Press Club using Government Junior College Udupi

Government Junior College, Udupi – popularly known as Board Highschool is the location of Udupi Press Club’s “office” – if you can call a bar like environment as office. Must be only place in the whole state or country where government has allocated office to bunch of blackmailers, criminals, scamsters right inside an educational institution.

But that is just tip of the iceberg.

Office-bearers and members, self-styled journalists of this “club” openly smoke, drink alcohol in their office in open day light – all in the presence of school / college going kids.

Afterall, members of Udupi Press Club already have lot of experience running liquor dens as seen during “journalist” Hitendra Prasad murder investigation. Click here to read more about it.

During day time Udupi Press Club office in Board Highschool compound acts as a hangout for scamsters in the guise of journalists (see our earlier posts on a Udupi journalist indicted in a temple scam), Naxal informant criminal case facing fake journalist Sreerama Diwana (click here to read more about this fake journalist), well known insurance fraud lawyers and all colourful characters we have covered in our blog earlier. 

It is also alleged that liquor is openly served in Udupi Press Club day in day out – without any permit for distributing alcohol. Why is Excise Department silent about this open flouting of laws by “journalists”?

Why is Udupi District administration tolerating this blatant misuse of government facility?

Udupi Press Club collecting thousands of rupees in the name of donation

Udupi Press Club which is using all this government freebies, charges hundreds of rupees to host a press conference in this government facility (this is in addition to charging for cost of refreshment, bottle etc) Why is government allowing use of its facility for COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES by Udupi Press Club?

Is Udupi Press Club filing any income tax returns on thousands of rupees collected?

Udupi Press Club forcing donation from political parties, commercial establishments

If using all government goodies is not enough, just enter Udupi Press Club office. You will be welcomed by furniture “donated” by Syndicate Bank, fans donated by Congress Party and so on.  Did Syndicate Bank or Congress party voluntarily donate these goodies to Udupi Press Club or were they blackmailed into donating these?

If not why is nationalised bank like Syndicate Bank spending lakhs of rupees on an organisation like Udupi Press Club who have been exposed as fake journalists, criminals, scamsters?

More than that, how can public expect fair coverage from media of Udupi when they have openly accepted gifts, donation from commercial and political establishments? Whatever happenned to media being impartial and fair?

COMING UP NEXT:Exclusive photos of Udupi Press Club and its members misusing government facility. Also bunch of questions to Udupi Press Club. Watch this space!

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  1. Vasudev Shetty Says:

    Why is government tolerating these people misusing government facility?

    It is not as if press people don’t have money considering being media person has become a lucrative profitable business in Mangalore Udupi as seen from master guru B.V.Seetharam.

  2. Ismael Kalladka Says:

    Good expose. I don’t understand why government has to give facility free to these already rich people?

  3. Kudla Patrakarta Says:

    Looks like Udupi press has advanced lot more than Mangalore press! I don’t understand why they need to force donation to conduct press conferences though??

  4. Valalambe Says:

    I have been demanding the enquiry of all these activities of Dinesh Kini & Co without much result. They are trying to make a scapegoat out of poor treasurer Kiran Manjanbail!
    Why cant they shift the office to Dinseh Kinis own school?

  5. Jaganatha Sasthana Says:

    Good expose. Now drinks/smoke.. I heard soon they are going to start dance bar as side business after 9pm on weekends.
    Udupi Police must immediately lock out this anti-social “UDUPI PRESS CLUB” from board highschool.

  6. Jayavantha V R Says:

    Udupi MLA was also pressurised by Udupi Press Club, to get this office at Board High School.

    But what is surprising is that even with this office adda for journalists almost all the press conferences are held in Udupi journalists favorite Hotel Kediyoor! If Kediyoor is their default hotel (as bar is right there), why do they need an office inside Board highschool??

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