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Happy New Year

December 31, 2006

Happy New Year 2007

Happy New Year to all regular readers of this blog. News coming out of Mangalore, Bantwal (Tension in B.C.Road – Deecan Herald) on the last day 2006 is not encouraging. We will continue our coverage on the role of media in recent rash of communal riots in Coastal Karnataka.


BANGALORE – MINISTER P.CHIDAMBARAM’S TOE FRACTURED:Times of India paparazzi chase and injure India’s finance minister. TOI Editor and photographer later beg and apologise to minister

December 25, 2006

India’s finance minister chased and injured by Times of India photographer

Photo Source: Govt of India

In a shocking incident, Times of India Bangalore’s photographer harassed India’s Finance Minister P.Chidambaram and his family while the later was dining with his family members at Bangalore’s famed restaurant Koshy’s on St.Mark’s road.

From the report:

Police sources said that being on a private outing, Mr. Chidambaram was in an attire different from his usual white dhoti and white shirt. The family was perturbed on noticing the photographer waiting outside and there was a scuffle. The Minister was thereafter taken to the Manipal Hospital on Airport Road. He has been advised rest for a fortnight.

Apparently, despite repeated requests to not take photographs, Times of India’s photographer proceeded to take photos while P.Chidambaram and family were coming out of the restaurant. In the resulting scuffle, Mr.Chidambaram fell and broke his toe.

In short – due to stupidity and desperation of a photographer, Finance minister of one of the world’s largest economy is on forced rest for two weeks (click here for detailed report of the incident from “The Hindu”)

Regular readers of this blog are aware how we have exposed corrupt media elements and fought for patient privacy from media in Indian hospitals. Sadly, as this incident shows even one of the most important ministers of India  is not immune to media invasion of private lives. (Chidambaram was on a private visit with his family, grandkids to Koshy’s)


According to our sources, Chidambaram made some calls to Times of India honchos with not so subtle threat on investigating Times empire financial irregularities UNLESS the photos taken by its photographer is not deleted in front of him in an hour. 

And within minutes, Times of India’s Bangalore resident Editor and the culprit photographer (who caused the fracture) rushed to hospital to beg forgiveness from the minister and deleted the photos in the presence of minister.

Well, Mr.Chidambaram can afford to do that. But what about other citizens whose privacy is increasingly being invaded by media day in day out? As we have seen earlier in Manipal Hospital incident, two criminals posed as press photographers entered Emergency Room and prevented doctors from attending the patients by taking nude photographers inside the Emergency Room.  (Click here to read complete details of the incident)

Any one with a digital camera now claim to be a journalist and harass people. It is not that there are no laws on invasion of privacy – there are. But any attempt to question these thugs posing as media photographers is labelled as “attack on freedom of press” and all that.

We salute “The Hindu” and its reporter S.Rajendran who has given detailed report about the incident in Dec 25th Bangalore Edition of “The Hindu”. Click here to read full report from Hindu Online Edition.

We also wish a speedy recovery of Mr.Chidambaram. World economy is changing rapidly and it is sad he has to suffer for two weeks due to some silly photographer.


December 23, 2006

Udupi Press Club office bearers - tough choice !!

Udupi Press Club Presedential candidates

Elections for notorious Udupi Press Club is being held this Sunday, December 24th.

As regular readers of this blog are aware, 2006 has been considered disastarous one for Udupi Press Club – what with back to back scams, its support offake journalists, providing fake IDs to criminal elements, running liquor shops, leaking news to Naxal elements and criminal cases against its members and office bearers.

We now hear some of the colourful characters we covered in this blog are again aiming for plum posts in Udupi Press Club so the legacy of current office bearers (read our earlier post on how Udupi Press Club office located in Government Board High School is being misused by its office-bearers and members) can continue.

Will these fishy characters of fake journalists win? Or will there be a move by genuine journalists to bring respect back to Udupi Press Club?

Watch this space as we bring juicy details live from election room!

JOURNALISTS OR GOONDAS? “Journalists” of Mysore attack MLC inside Press Club office

December 8, 2006

Mysore journalists attacking Karnataka MLC Datta

Mysore – once known as culture capital of Karnataka State is in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. While keenly contested election at Chamundeshwari brought out the worse of caste politics, some criminals and political activisits faking as journalists had a hay day during election campaign.

Above is the photo taken inside Mysore Press Club. In the photo journalists are assaulting sitting MLC of Karnataka Legislative Council Mr.Y.S.V.Datta

Mr.Datta was at Mysore club to deliver ex-PM’s apology letter to journalists – but the “journalists” attacked and manhandled the messenger!

We have reports of dozens of “journalists” in Mysore earning lakhs of rupees during this election by acting as informers to other political party and playing each political party against each other. From what we understand it was literally a free for all auction. And above photo only shows how low these “journalists” can stoop to!

Make a news – and if there is no news, create one –  and then demand apology, money and what not – appears to be the tactic of media now a days to get rich.

Developing…watch this space.

MANGALORE PLUNGING INTO ANOTHER ROUND OF COMMUNAL RIOTS? Ban evening newspapers / tabloids Karavali Ale, Vijaya Kirana to prevent blood on the streets

December 1, 2006

Karavali Ale and other evening newspaper pouring fuel into communal riots

Mangalore and Coastal Karnataka are again heading towards all out communal riots. Read here (The Hindu) and here (Gulfvarte) reports.

A political leader was murdered in the morning at Mulki – however people maintained calm and situation was under control for few hours. But the situation completely changed in the evening.

Reason? Evening newspapers Karavali Ale, Vijaya Kirana hit the stands and contained unsubstantiated rumours and provocative articles against police and minority community.

So the mob fury resulted in attack on police officials and minority community businesses, places of worship. There is a direct link between spreading of riots and time of publishing of evening newspapers.

Just like how the earlier communal riots in Mangalore were fuelled by a corrupt editors like B.V.Seetharam of Karavali Group – accused of accepting 5 Lakh rupees to publish incorrect reports on death of a teacher – this time also situation appears to be going out of control. According to latest reports, people are targeting police officials and minority institutions after Karavali Ale and Vijaya Kirana published provocative articles blaming police officials and minority community for the murder.

Extraordinary situation requires special measures and District officials in Coastal Karnataka will be doing a great service to community if these yellow newspapers run by criminal elements Karavali Ale, Vijaya Kirana are banned. Otherwise there is no doubt that communal riots will spread fast to other areas that are not impacted by riots.

This is not the first time these evening newspapers Karavali Ale, Vijaya Kirana have fuelled communal riots and provoked attack against minority community.

Click here to read our earlier poston how a very provocative report in evening newspapers resulted in spreading of communal riots in Mangalore few weeks back and also on how a provocative report in Karavali Ale resulted in a mob attacking church.

Another post – Mangalore riots – sponsored by Karavali Ale – on how Karavali Ale group chief B.V.Seetharam accepted 5 lakh rupees to publish false stories and create communal problems and thus playing into the hands of anti-government forces.