MANGALORE PLUNGING INTO ANOTHER ROUND OF COMMUNAL RIOTS? Ban evening newspapers / tabloids Karavali Ale, Vijaya Kirana to prevent blood on the streets

Karavali Ale and other evening newspaper pouring fuel into communal riots

Mangalore and Coastal Karnataka are again heading towards all out communal riots. Read here (The Hindu) and here (Gulfvarte) reports.

A political leader was murdered in the morning at Mulki – however people maintained calm and situation was under control for few hours. But the situation completely changed in the evening.

Reason? Evening newspapers Karavali Ale, Vijaya Kirana hit the stands and contained unsubstantiated rumours and provocative articles against police and minority community.

So the mob fury resulted in attack on police officials and minority community businesses, places of worship. There is a direct link between spreading of riots and time of publishing of evening newspapers.

Just like how the earlier communal riots in Mangalore were fuelled by a corrupt editors like B.V.Seetharam of Karavali Group – accused of accepting 5 Lakh rupees to publish incorrect reports on death of a teacher – this time also situation appears to be going out of control. According to latest reports, people are targeting police officials and minority institutions after Karavali Ale and Vijaya Kirana published provocative articles blaming police officials and minority community for the murder.

Extraordinary situation requires special measures and District officials in Coastal Karnataka will be doing a great service to community if these yellow newspapers run by criminal elements Karavali Ale, Vijaya Kirana are banned. Otherwise there is no doubt that communal riots will spread fast to other areas that are not impacted by riots.

This is not the first time these evening newspapers Karavali Ale, Vijaya Kirana have fuelled communal riots and provoked attack against minority community.

Click here to read our earlier poston how a very provocative report in evening newspapers resulted in spreading of communal riots in Mangalore few weeks back and also on how a provocative report in Karavali Ale resulted in a mob attacking church.

Another post – Mangalore riots – sponsored by Karavali Ale – on how Karavali Ale group chief B.V.Seetharam accepted 5 lakh rupees to publish false stories and create communal problems and thus playing into the hands of anti-government forces.

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4 Comments on “MANGALORE PLUNGING INTO ANOTHER ROUND OF COMMUNAL RIOTS? Ban evening newspapers / tabloids Karavali Ale, Vijaya Kirana to prevent blood on the streets”

  1. Musa Ahmed, Dubai Says:

    It is very clear these criminals running newspapers are adding “tuppa” to the fire.

    What a shame B.V.Seetharam whom I thought was an intelligent person has stooped to the level of common criminal to financially gain from the riots.

    Musa, Dubai/Kinnigoli

  2. Razak Ali Says:

    B V Seetharam acts as if he is in favour of minorities, but his newspaper is full of advertisements from rightwing forces. Sheds crocodile tears for Muslims and Christians but all his reporting is against minorities. We are planning to complain to minority commission about the role of media in communal riots here.

  3. Suleman Jeppu Says:

    I agree Razak we should complain to National Minorities commission about Karavali Ale and Vijaya Kirana.

    Here is the contact information: – you can also email them.

    National Commission for Minorities,
    5th Floor,
    Lok Nayak Bhavan,
    Khan Market,
    New Delhi 110 003
    Tel. 24618349
    Fax 24693302, 24642645, 24698410

  4. James D'Souza Says:

    We should start an email campaign so that National Minorities commission takes notice on the role of B.V.Seetharam, Karavali Ale and other media in Coastal Karnataka in the frequent communal riots here.

    These newspapers really publish gory photos and exaggerated reports against Muslims and Christians which always ends up in attacks on them.

    James D’Souza

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