JOURNALISTS OR GOONDAS? “Journalists” of Mysore attack MLC inside Press Club office

Mysore journalists attacking Karnataka MLC Datta

Mysore – once known as culture capital of Karnataka State is in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. While keenly contested election at Chamundeshwari brought out the worse of caste politics, some criminals and political activisits faking as journalists had a hay day during election campaign.

Above is the photo taken inside Mysore Press Club. In the photo journalists are assaulting sitting MLC of Karnataka Legislative Council Mr.Y.S.V.Datta

Mr.Datta was at Mysore club to deliver ex-PM’s apology letter to journalists – but the “journalists” attacked and manhandled the messenger!

We have reports of dozens of “journalists” in Mysore earning lakhs of rupees during this election by acting as informers to other political party and playing each political party against each other. From what we understand it was literally a free for all auction. And above photo only shows how low these “journalists” can stoop to!

Make a news – and if there is no news, create one –  and then demand apology, money and what not – appears to be the tactic of media now a days to get rich.

Developing…watch this space.

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2 Comments on “JOURNALISTS OR GOONDAS? “Journalists” of Mysore attack MLC inside Press Club office”

  1. kodase Says:

    Please do not simply generalise the journalists of Mysore are all corrupt. You have to name those who earn lakhs for being informants to political parties. it is true that some senior journos like Marmakal are very very close to Siddu. But it is not fair to make sweeoping charges against all journos.

  2. Chamunda Says:

    This incident just proves a point. Journalists are the same everywhere…and the common man does not have the courage to say anything against them…if anyone talks about press…they will be targetted by the press next, with physical, verbal & written assault!

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