BANGALORE – MINISTER P.CHIDAMBARAM’S TOE FRACTURED:Times of India paparazzi chase and injure India’s finance minister. TOI Editor and photographer later beg and apologise to minister

India’s finance minister chased and injured by Times of India photographer

Photo Source: Govt of India

In a shocking incident, Times of India Bangalore’s photographer harassed India’s Finance Minister P.Chidambaram and his family while the later was dining with his family members at Bangalore’s famed restaurant Koshy’s on St.Mark’s road.

From the report:

Police sources said that being on a private outing, Mr. Chidambaram was in an attire different from his usual white dhoti and white shirt. The family was perturbed on noticing the photographer waiting outside and there was a scuffle. The Minister was thereafter taken to the Manipal Hospital on Airport Road. He has been advised rest for a fortnight.

Apparently, despite repeated requests to not take photographs, Times of India’s photographer proceeded to take photos while P.Chidambaram and family were coming out of the restaurant. In the resulting scuffle, Mr.Chidambaram fell and broke his toe.

In short – due to stupidity and desperation of a photographer, Finance minister of one of the world’s largest economy is on forced rest for two weeks (click here for detailed report of the incident from “The Hindu”)

Regular readers of this blog are aware how we have exposed corrupt media elements and fought for patient privacy from media in Indian hospitals. Sadly, as this incident shows even one of the most important ministers of India  is not immune to media invasion of private lives. (Chidambaram was on a private visit with his family, grandkids to Koshy’s)


According to our sources, Chidambaram made some calls to Times of India honchos with not so subtle threat on investigating Times empire financial irregularities UNLESS the photos taken by its photographer is not deleted in front of him in an hour. 

And within minutes, Times of India’s Bangalore resident Editor and the culprit photographer (who caused the fracture) rushed to hospital to beg forgiveness from the minister and deleted the photos in the presence of minister.

Well, Mr.Chidambaram can afford to do that. But what about other citizens whose privacy is increasingly being invaded by media day in day out? As we have seen earlier in Manipal Hospital incident, two criminals posed as press photographers entered Emergency Room and prevented doctors from attending the patients by taking nude photographers inside the Emergency Room.  (Click here to read complete details of the incident)

Any one with a digital camera now claim to be a journalist and harass people. It is not that there are no laws on invasion of privacy – there are. But any attempt to question these thugs posing as media photographers is labelled as “attack on freedom of press” and all that.

We salute “The Hindu” and its reporter S.Rajendran who has given detailed report about the incident in Dec 25th Bangalore Edition of “The Hindu”. Click here to read full report from Hindu Online Edition.

We also wish a speedy recovery of Mr.Chidambaram. World economy is changing rapidly and it is sad he has to suffer for two weeks due to some silly photographer.

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10 Comments on “BANGALORE – MINISTER P.CHIDAMBARAM’S TOE FRACTURED:Times of India paparazzi chase and injure India’s finance minister. TOI Editor and photographer later beg and apologise to minister”

  1. Rahul Bhat Says:

    If central minister is not safe from the hands of these paparazzi what about common people??? I hope he recovers soon. What a sad story – due to stupidity of a silly photographer he has to spend Xmas and new year nursing his leg.

    Rahul Bhat
    New York

  2. Irfan Pedre Says:

    I wonder what was minister’s security doing? Or it must have been a truly private visit by the minister with his family. Either way TOI photographer was way out of line pushing for the photo.

    It is time govts start enforcing the privacy rules before people trash all press photographers.

    Great post by the way

  3. Chamunda Says:

    why dont you guys at the blog, report it the way udupi press reports…Finance minister attacks press photographer, feigns illness and gets admitted???
    I have a question for ace journalist of Udupi, Mr Mohanchandran Nambiar (incidentally reports for Times of India)…do you condemn this attack on the press photographer? Do you agree with the FM or your editor who apologised?

  4. E Raviraja Gowda T V Says:

    Journalists are always right
    1. Koshys is a public place. there are no signs banning photography
    2. P Chidambaram is a minister. so he is a public figure. he does not have any private life
    3. I feel that they should have even allowed photography & live telecast of events from the Manipal Hospital at Bangalore.
    4. Getting an apology from the editor of a newspaper, photographer under threat amounts to insult to the freedom of press.

  5. Naveen Puttu Says:

    It is funny TOI Editor rushed to hospital and apologized to the minister instead of raising the bogey of “freedom of press”.

  6. Keshav Patil Says:

    Perhaps TOI photographers should stick to taking photos in Page 3 parties instead of harassing politicians!

  7. The incident is an unfortunate one. But I’d like to make it a point here about recruitments being made in media houses.
    Photographers and journalists who’re hired should be made aware of their responsibilities right from day one.
    Also, there must be some sense of identity given to freelancers and stringers e.g visiting cards. So that accountability can be enforced. And in case of malice, they can be prosecuted.

  8. Paul S Says:

    Why am I not surprised at TOI Bangalore photographer? These guys supported Bidappa when he was in Dubai and when his wife attacked police. That said I am even surprised why TOI photographer was trying to take photo of FM instead of hanging out at some page 3 party or at Bidappa’s farmhouse.

  9. Raghu Bhavey Says:

    TOI Bangalore has photographers on politicians beat? I thought all they did was publish fashion photos.

  10. Beedinagudde Harishchandra Says:

    I think every citizen should start photographing journalists & thier family in their private areas. It will serve two purposes:
    1. it will make them understand what is private life.
    2. it might give lot of material for publishing: exposes lives of journalists- and their habits!

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