Mysore – “Journalist” Gowry Lankesh arrested and remanded to judicial custody

Saga of corrupt, law breaking journalists in Karnataka continues…and unfortunately, Mysore – culture capital of Karnataka State – is again the location.

Gowri Lankesh – a “journalist”, famous for her association with Naxals of Western Ghats has been arrested at Mysore on contempt of court charges.

Gowry Lankesh arrested

Not surprisingly, media community stood by their “comrade”, so not many newspapers have highlighted this arrest.

According to Jan 4th edition of Star of Mysore newspaper:

City Court today remanded journalists Gowri Lankesh and Indrajit Lankesh and former Mayor Narayan to judicial custody for non-appearance in a defamation case.

III Chief Judicial Magistrate Mahadevaiah ordered judicial remand when they appeared before the Court this morning.

The Court had issued arrest warrants on Dec. 13 against the three as well as another journalist Rajashekhar Koti. However, Koti had recalled the warrant appearing in the Court on Dec. 13.

Gowri Lankesh outside Mysore court Gowri Lankesh all smiles at Mysore court before judge remanded her to judicial custody. Picture courtesy:Star of Mysore.

Gowry Lankesh, who is involved in dozens of front organisations (Komusouharda Vedike, Janapara Vedike etc)  like other fake journalist Srirama Diwana of Udupi (click here to read about this naxal sympathizer acting as fake journalist) who has made a career out of advocating violent Naxal causes and known for her open contacts with Chinese Embassy officers was accused of publishing defamatory articles based on hearsay allegation. Kinda standard tacticof yellow papers in Karnataka to collect lakhs of rupees.

Coterie of these naxal sympathizers like Gowri Lankesh, Srirama Diwana etc openly boast on their capacity to transfer police officials, so police officials turn blind eye to harassment by these “journalists”. We are glad that Judge in Mysore court had the guts to remand this “journalist” to judicial custody, at least for few hours.***

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2 Comments on “Mysore – “Journalist” Gowry Lankesh arrested and remanded to judicial custody”

  1. Subhaschandra Wagle Mala Says:

    This episode reflects the sorry state of affairs of the press in Karnataka…the fourth estate not respecting the third estate!
    Shameful is the smile on the person who has caused this embarassment to the journalist community…only shows that they think they can do anything and get away…
    wait till you hear the harassment of the Mysore judge, by these pro naxals, in the name of human rights violation…etc

  2. tsrinivask Says:

    This is the Gauri battels for Naxalites and have anti Hindu prapogenda. Gouri lankesh has become mediater between Islamist terrorists and Naxalites for the arm sale

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