KUDOS TO PUTTUR POLICE:Police prevent media from photographing dead bodies of accident victims inside hospital

Indian Police usually get bad rap in media and blogs. So when they do the right thing it is our duty to bring it to the attention of world.

Puttur police prevent photographing dead bodies inside hospital

Earlier in the week there was a deadly accident near Puttur in which four people who were heading to an event were killed.

Since these people were travelling to a marriage related function, they had lot of jewellery on them. These days every lay person with a digital camera or cell phone claims to be from media or newspaper. So in the absence of any press identification, police did the right thing by preventing paparazzi from hospital and preventing potential theft of gold from dead people.We have covered in this blog several incidents where journalists of Coastal Karnataka have been caught red handed in criminal activities.

We also applaud police of Puttur for upholding dignity of dead people by not allowing them to be photographed inside the hospital.

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