Dubai based anti-Nagarjuna sponsors shower Udupi media with gifts and money?

Regular readers of this blog may not be surprised by this scoop – considering how we have exposed corrupt elements of media in Udupi Mangalore in this blog for months. For example: taking money from iron ore truck owners to put pressure on district administration, taking money during communal riots to add fuel to the fire, blackmailing restaurant owners, blackmailing police, blackmailing doctorsindulging in criminal activities like murder, running liquor stores and what not.

And now our sources indicate that anti-Nagarjuna elements – primarily sponsored by vested interests sitting in Dubai (hence their demand for “Gas based” project in place of Thermal based plant) have showered gifts on media in Udupi Mangalore to write favourable stories in newspapers.

This is in addition to cash showered on media by fake environmentalist organisations like Nagarika Seva Trust Guruvayanakere who get millions of dollars from Netherlands, Norway, USA by sending press cuttings of what is published by these journalists! How come media is not investigating acres of benaami land purchase by Somanatha Nayak, Vidya Nayak  at Bangalore?

See a pattern here? First these fake protesters pay media to write story in their favour. Then the protesters make copies of those newspaper cuttings and fax it to Netherlands, Norway, USA and get millions of dollars!

Nagarjuna protest - criminal elements funded by Dubai money? 

Hired goondas with active support from media of Udupi attacked vehicles belonging to Nagarjuna Thermal project. Same photos were probably sent to Netherlands, Dubai to collect more money in the name of “environment”

No wonder protest against Nagarjuna Thermal Power plant has fallen flat and same 20-30 people are protesting for days by hiring beedi workers for 50 rupees a day. And media reports this as some major protest while in reality there is no grass root support to these protesters with an agenda.

Dubai angle to anti-Nagarjuna is very interesting – it is well known that anti-Nagarjuna protest is backed by people sitting in Dubai. Balakrishna Shetty – President of Padubidri Janajagriti Samiti is based in Dubai with interests in gas exports.  That is one of the main reasons these fake environmentalists are saying “Thermal plant not ok. But gas plant OK!” – because they can get their commission.

It is said that expensive gifts and cash from Dubai has been showered on media to keep pressure on government against the project. More details as they become available – initial news indicate that reporters of prestigious national newspapers like “The Hindu” also accepted lavish gifts and cash from anti-thermal/pro-gas protestors and now act as anti-Nagarjuna spokespersons in press meets. And journalists have fallen to this trap – not surprising to readers of this blog who are aware how rotten media in Udupi is.


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  1. Stephen Kadri Says:

    Unbelievable, but not surprising. Being media in Udupi and Mangalore appears to be a very profitable business proposition now. There is always some sort of protest so journalists are making a killing in these issues.

    Shame shame journalists!

  2. Hasiru Maanava Says:

    Guruvayanakere Naagarika Seva trust is a fake organisation whom anyone can buy.

    They stopped Kudremukh iron mining because mine owners from Bellary paid them off. Somanatha Nayak of Naagarika Seva Trust who few years back was riding in Luna now roams around in big AC vehicle organising protests and smiling all the way to bank by getting foreign money!

  3. Peeta Patrakartka Says:

    How do i become a member of Udupi Press Club?
    Please let m know!

  4. verysad Says:

    Very sad information from this blog owners.

    Sitting in dubai one cannot run the protests.

    And long term protests cannot be sustained without local participation.

    And press like hindu will not accept bribe money.

    Please clean up this blog.

    Come to Simhadri near vizag where i was born. if coal power plant comes up, udupi will be royally screwed like my place.

    Once there was a thriving agri and fishing community in Simhadri, now it is a hell.

    If udupi wants to become hell, please allow this polluting coal power plant.

  5. Concerned Says:

    Could not agree more with ‘verySad ‘. He is absolutely is right . This project is a big killer to the entire region and as such to the entire population. The coal based firms are passing on the externality cost to the public in the form of prolonged illness and poisonous emissions. No doubt ,the cost incurred in the form of illness , damage to the environment out weighs way far compared to benefits if any. Rather than following pseudo economics in the form of modernization, in the interest of everybody and for the generations to come, let us wake up realize the what is in stake and abandon these self interest projects. At the least, let us support these selfless people in their fight against environment.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Fascinating to see comment from someone sitting in USA – #1 polluting country in the world – talking about saving the “environment” in India. Or is this the case of long distance patriotism by NRIs? Nothing against NRIs – but do you seriously think sitting in US you can lecture us on what is good or bad for this region? One bunch of NRIs from Dubai have messed up with this region and last thing we need is lecture from someone sitting in most polluting country in the world enjoying all the benefits of nuclear/coal based power plants in US.

  6. Mastru Says:

    People like Balakrishna Shetty and Laxman Shetty who are threatening to make Nandikoor as Nandigram should be banned from entering India.

    These people sitting in far away Dubai (near Dawood??) think they know what is best for the region. If they are so concerned about villages and environment they should leave their AC homes in Dubai and settle back in Coastal Karnataka.

    What idiot is this Balakrishna Shetty who thinks paying 50 rupees a day to beedi workers is “protest”??? Kaasu can’t buy anything marre…

  7. Simha Says:

    mastre – it is well known that NRI people like Balakrishna Shetty are treated like third class citizens in Dubai. so it is not a surprise they take up all these causes in their native place to think that they are big shots. then of course there is financial motivation. we locals should unite to kick these NRI troublemakers..

  8. walter Says:

    I am sure this website is run and powerd by a monky of Nagarjuna. You are a biggest fool ever we heard about.

  9. E Raviraja Gowda T V Says:

    Cool it guys!
    – no one talks about Nagarjuna nowadays…the project is almost complete
    – Pammu is happy with Mistsubishi Montero
    – Bala/ Laxaman Shetty are hiding? Match fixed???
    – Udupi press guys are happy, now to write about need for power generation etc…they have been “convinced”
    -Nagarika seva trust Guruvayanakere is busy with other “creamy” protests and busy trying to shed pro naxal image- also silent!

    then why waste cyberspace?

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