REAL STORY BEHIND PROTESTS AGAINST NAGARJUNA POWER PROJECT PADUBIDRI UDUPI:How Dubai based gas mafia,corrupt media,foreign fund rich Guruvaayanakere Nayak mafia,fake environmental groups,politicians,out of state contractor lobby come together to oppose development project in the name of saving the environment

Nagarjuna Thermal Plant Udupi - real reason behind the protest

After our last blog post about gifts showered on Udupi media by anti-Nagarjuna protest organisers (based in Dubai) we received several responses. Curious, we dug further on who really is behind ongoing protests against Nagarjuna Thermal power plant and we unearthed several fascinating and at the same time disturbing details on nexus between several vested interests including role of media. Click here to read earlier exclusive blog post on how Dubai based gas mafia showered gifts on Udupi media.

There appears to be few key players who have their own agenda funding protest against this development activity.

First, Dubai based promoters of Nandikoor Janajagruti Samiti – this organisation is funded by Balakrishna Shetty and Laxman Shetty both have lived in Dubai for several years and are said to have vested interest in gas export business. That is the main reason, argument of NPCL opponents is “We support gas based power plant” as they have vested interests in pushing their own business. Media of Udupi has remained silent on this aspect of Nandikoor Janajagruti Samiti as they have been showered with gifts from Dubai  in terms of money, bottles, imported cigarettes and even free trip to Dubai all sponsored by these vested interests.If Nandikoor Janajagaruti Samiti is really serious about environment they would have opposed Gas based power plant as well?

Nagarika Seva Trust Guruvayanakere is a fake environmental organisation established with sole purpose of receiving massive foreign funding

Second, the notorious Nagarika Seva Trust of Guruvayanakere. This is mainly a letterhead organisation issuing press releases on daily basis whose press clippings are then faxed to environmental NGOs at Netherlands, Norway, UK, USA to collect crores of rupees.Some newspapers have reported that Somanatha Nayak, convener of this closely held private organisation has purchased several prime real estate from the money received from foreign NGOs who are obvilious to fake activism of Nagarika Seva Trust Guruvayanakere. Some time back questions were raised even in Karnataka State Assembly about foreign funding of this organisation which protests all developmental activities in Karnataka. We also would like to know nature of relationship between OXFAM UK and Nagarika Seva Trust Guruvayanakere.Some ex-members of Nagarika Seva Trust have also alleged massive irregularities in financial management – not surprising to anyone who know letterhead NGOs who survive on foreign dollar / euro handouts. It has to be noted that Nagarika Seva Trust Guruvayanakere successfully closed prestigious iron ore plant at Kudremukh – reason given was “saving environment” as usual but everyone now knows that Nagarika Seva Trust acted as agent for Bellary mining lobby who stood to gain the most from closure of mining at Kudremukh.Nagarika Seva Trust also routinely gifts expensive items to media so no wonder no newspaper has exposed illegal activities and financial irregularities.

Third and probably most disturbing news to unemployed youth of Udupi Mangalore:It has come to our attention that all plum contracting work for the project is being now given to out of state contractors from Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu. These contractors stand to benefit with continued protest – so it is said they are indirectly supporting the protest and at the same time hiring hundreds of workers from their native state. So due to misguided protest, local youth – who already are forced to move out of the region due to lack of jobs – stand to lose. Same thing happened with MRPL, Konkan Railways where local youth were blacklisted for employment due to their role in protests – and today these companies are filled with out of state workers.

Fourth, corrupt media elements – who have been showered with gifts by Dubai based gas mafia and Guruvayanakere Nagarika Seva Trust NGO dollar mafia. So during press conferences, media take unofficial role of these anti-development mafia. Whatever happenned to impartial reporting? This was in full display during Jayakrishna Parisara Samithi press conference where Ganesh Prabhu of “The Hindu” (whose sister magazine FRONTLINE has a glowing article on MRPL this month – ironically MRPL also encountered same kind of protest by same group of people when it was being constructed) is said to have dubbed those supporting the project as “pimp”,”dalal”. Irony of this situation is same Ganesh Prabhu of Hindu newspaper has accepted lavish gifts from both Dubai based mafia and expensive European gifts from Nagarika Seva Trust Guruvayanakere. Who really is “dalal” here Mr Prabhu!? (Readers of this blog are encouraged to write to Editor, Readers Editor of Hindu at about corrupt, partial correspondents)

Fifth, self styled leaders of fishermen community. While common fisherman is struggling with increasing fuel price, lack of proper distribution and storage costs, some leaders who may not even know what fishing is are using this opportunity to get ready for next MP election. It is common knowledge that use of modern fishing techniques, fishing during rainy season when fish are breeding is the reason for decline in catch, these leaders use some antique report to blame lack of fish on everything under the sun but their own action.

Less said the better about other characters involved in anti-Nagarjuna project– predictable characters one can find in any Indian district. Local politicians who can’t see beyond their vote bank instead of leveraging developmental activities in their district, hired goonda and protesters (Padubidri protest audience is primarily hired people – paid 50 rupees a day), misguided college school kids who don’t need any reason to boycott classes and break some vehicle glasses, fake environmentalists with equally fake documents etc etc.

All in all, quite sad state of affairs. Every state in India is competing to get large projects – and here we have a case where a private company is investing large amount of money using latest scientific method to dispose off ash but few misguided elements funded by foreign money are opposing the project. Luckily, it appears common man has now realised that there are no danger with Nagarjuna Power Plant – and real danger is posed by Dubai gas mafia, Guruvayanakere Nagarika Seva Trust – a playground of Somanath Nayak couple who are after foreign dollars and their dubious links to foreign NGOs and corrupt media elements of Udupi who are unofficial spokesman for Dubai gas mafia opposing Nagarjuna Power project in Padubidri Udupi District.


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20 Comments on “REAL STORY BEHIND PROTESTS AGAINST NAGARJUNA POWER PROJECT PADUBIDRI UDUPI:How Dubai based gas mafia,corrupt media,foreign fund rich Guruvaayanakere Nayak mafia,fake environmental groups,politicians,out of state contractor lobby come together to oppose development project in the name of saving the environment”

  1. Ritesh Kanchan Says:

    THank you for exposing these fake environmentalists on the internet. We know about these people for a long time but can’t talk openly because of their threat. I hope people realise how they are being misguided by these people with their own agenda.

    Dubai (Kapu)

  2. Ravi Suvarna Says:


  3. Naqvi Surtatkal Says:

    Guruvayanakere Nayaks of Nagarika Seva Trust, Karavali Mahila Jagruti vedike, Parisara okkoota are very savvy and have been fooling people of undivided Dakshina Kannada district for years now – all to collect crores of rupees in foreign donation. They have purchased several properties and if anyone questions them they are kicked out of Nagarika Seva trust.


  4. Krishna Poojary Says:


    Mangalooru people are supposed to be smart. But I think sometimes we are too smart. We keep silent when there are powercuts and are used to it. Just like how we are used to bad roads. With no major industries in this area no wonder everyone go to Bangalore Bombay.

  5. Malpe Raghavendra Says:

    I think Pramod Madhwaraj, owner of coronet canning, raj fishing etc.. does not have right to Talk about environmental pollution…as he himself is an owner of a highly poullting industry at Malpe. Tourists have to block thier noses, while entering Malpe are thanks to the stench of Pramods` industry. Then the beach at Malpe is spoilt due to release of untreated dirty water to the sea…
    why dont you take up this issue with pollution control board? or are you waiting for some sponsorship from a fish canning industry at Norway to sponsor your next protest on this issue?

  6. Subhaschandra Wagle Mala Says:

    Down with Pramod Madhwaraj. He has betrayed the fishermen…in fact the fishermen were not bothered about this Nagarjuna…fishermen too require power…for ice, so that their products get a better price…
    It seems he too has quoted his expectation with both Nagarjuna & its Protestors!

  7. Robert W Garst Says:

    I am the official PR agent for Health & Environment. In your blog, you have associated my clients name with Nagarika Seva Trust, Guruvayanakere, India.
    We would like to clarify that, we have blacklisted this organisation 10 months ago, as they failed to explain few financial misappropriations. We have no ongoing projects assigned to them.
    Note:We stand by our principle of opposing coal based power projects. The future of power generation is with solar & wind power. Both of these can be effectively applied to Coastal Karnataka.

  8. Rakesh Mathais Says:

    Anti-Nagarjuna project – time to ask some hard question to protesters

    On-going protests against Nagarjuna Thermal Plant in Nandikoor in
    Udupi District have raised very disturbing questions. While it is
    understandable that locals are justifiably upset against losing land
    and homes, what is bizarre in the ongoing protest drama is the
    absolute stand taken by protesters.

    And for once, Karnataka Government comes out smelling like a rose in this mess.

    Chief-minister, Deputy Chief-Minister, District-in-charge minister –
    all have tried to keep dialogue going with those concerned with
    protests. There were public meetings conducted in Udupi, Bangalore
    where those against the project were invited for an open discussion on
    the pros and cons of the project. Karnataka government earlier offered
    to take group of people to different thermal plants to address any
    concerns. But opponents of the protest have “my way is the only way”
    attitude due to which it appears Karnataka Government appears to be
    winning public support for the project.

    However, it appears whole protest against Nagarjuna Thermal Plant
    appears to be hijacked by leaders with varied agenda who are not
    willing to accept anything shorter than cancellation of the whole

    Main supporters of the project appears to be few people sitting in
    Dubai who have no qualms in openly pushing for gas based project at
    same location. One has to wonder motivation of these Dubai based
    groups – do they have any vested interest in gas based project? Isn’t
    gas based power production inherently more dangerous than coal when
    you consider transportation, storage of gas?

    Then there are self-styled environmental activists – mainly led by
    Nagarika Seva Trust of Guruvayanakere. These environmentalists who
    successfully shutdown mining in Kudremukh resulting in loss of
    thousands of jobs in coastal Karnataka have no qualms with large scale
    mining going on at Bellary and there are allegations about these
    groups acting on behalf of private mine lobbies. What is more
    surprising is the outdated, partial environmental report produced by
    organizations like “Danida” which is an arm of a foreign government
    (Denmark Government) who produced the report by funding organizations
    like Nagarika Seva Trust – classic case of “you scratch my back and I
    will scratch your back”. There is no dearth of “activists”,
    “environmentalists” in Coastal Karnataka who can produce any kind of
    report as long as their “project” receives lakhs, crores of rupees
    from foreign countries, so all these foreign funded reports need to be
    taken with bucket of salt.

    One has to go back only few years when similar protests engulfed
    coastal Karnataka against MRPL, BAAF in late 80s and 90s. Fact is
    these plants are fully operational now for years and we have not seen
    any doomsday scenario projected by environmentalists come true.
    Coastal Karnataka still receives normal rain, rivers have not dried
    out, people are not having breathing problem! Most of the issues
    raised by environmentalists and fishermen have turned out to be
    nothing but incorrect speculation now. While fishermen allege
    reduction in catch of fish, they do not take any responsibility for
    over fishing due to fishing with modern satellite based equipment and
    fishing during breeding season.

    Less said the better about local politicians of Kapu, Padubidi. Their
    narrow view on the project and inability to look at the bigger picture
    is disturbing. While politicians of other states are vying with each
    other to get large projects into their constituency, except few
    leaders like ex-chief minister Veerappa Moily of Congress, Udupi
    District-in-charge minister Dr.V.S.Acharya of BJP – no one else has
    the guts to take a bold stand and support the project which can
    potentially provide employment to hundreds of locals and at the same
    time reduce unscheduled blackouts. And we are not so naive to see
    beyond Udupi MP Mrs.Manorama Madhwaraj’s open attempt to groom her son
    Pramod Madhwaraj for next election.

    As days progress, it is clear that support for protests is actually
    dwindling – organizations are tempting beedi workers and day laborers
    money to participate in the “protests” and even stooping low by
    getting children of primary and high school into the protest. What
    kind of citizens will these children become when they grow up thinking
    that one-sided protest against developmental project involves throwing
    stones at vehicles and man handling workers of the company?

    Today (Jan 17th) one of the leaders funding and leading the project –
    Mr.Balakrishna Shetty of Dubai – has made claims about support of
    NRI’s to anti-Nagarjuna project. Which NRIs Mr.Shetty is talking
    about? Lakhs of local youth who are forced to move to Mumbai, Gulf
    countries due to lack of opportunities in Mangalore and Udupi? My two
    brothers are NRIs too and they whole heatedly support Nagarjuna
    Thermal Project – if nothing, at least when they are here on vacation
    they need not suffer power blackout and resulting mosquito attack!

    Irony of Mr.Shetty’s statement about boast of NRI support to protest
    is evident to all. Fact is due to lack of employment and
    opportunities, thousands of men and women leave Udupi Mangalore region
    and head to Mumbai and Gulf countries. Lack of industrial base which
    in turn is caused due to lacking infrastructure is reason for this sad
    state of affairs. Having the only all weather port, modern airport,
    runway, plenty of water which flows to sea – people of Coastal
    Karnataka are indeed unlucky in that real potential for economic
    development is not tapped. So Mr.Shetty may want to consider root
    cause of inevitable situation where youth of this region are forced to
    go out to Gulf countries to make a living instead of leading a
    productive life in their own country. So statement of Shetty that NRIs
    are against Nagarjuna Power plant is not only laughable but also
    insult to those of us who live here and can not flee to Dubai like
    Mr.Shetty and other NRIs. When was the last time NRIs showed real
    concern for anything in this region anyway – that is a whole separate

    All this does not mean one has to blindly support any move by
    government and mega corporations. Confrontational attitude adopted by
    protesters and unwillingness for dialogue even when government has
    kept all doors open is a very sad and undemocratic situation. It is
    time people who want development of Coastal Karnataka ask some hard
    questions to foreign fund rich protesters and self-styled

  9. Jayan Malpe Says:

    Whatever the Nagarjuna issue may be…Malpe stench continues, thanks to Pramod Madhwaraj`s dirty polluting industries.

  10. Premananda Katpadi Says:

    Pramod Madhwaraj backstabbing:
    first he spoils the road bundh program
    then he agrees to go on study tour
    creates confusion on whether to go to Simhadri or Dahanu
    finally sends innocent fishermen on arduous journey to Simhadri…
    and now… HE IS ABSCONDING!
    has he been purchased?

  11. Krishna Bangera Says:

    It seems selfstyled leaders who went on a fun trip at government expense to Andra Pradesh are impressed with how Thermal plant is working there efficiently.

    They could not find any problem so on the way back they stopped at some random village and shot video of people struggling for show that to their people back home saying “hey look water level has gone down due to thermal plant”

    These selfstyled leaders won’t be satisfied with anything (except money perhaps) and at this point if they go back on their struggle what wil they answer to people and moreover to foreign agencies which funded the whole drama in the name of “parisara”. So it is no wonder Pramod got fedup with these foreign funded fivestar hotel activists and decided to resign from a group that has no aim except to make money….

    Krishna, Kapu

  12. Steve Mudradi Says:

    thx for good coverage on nagarjuna. after their fun trip to Andra it seems all these leaders have gone underground. how can they show face to people when all they claimed so far is false!

  13. rithesh Says:

    people should 1st think about this b4 doing any thing

  14. Mr.Pramod Madhvaraj has neither betrayed the fishermen nor backstabbed anybody.please wait for the detailed comments.

  15. Susi Hegde Says:

    How can you forget Vijaya Kumar Hegde of SUSI research or whatever that fake organisation he has established to milk money from foreign NGOs.

    Vijay Kumar Hegde even claims that there is no power shortage in Karnataka!!! People are laughing at these loser leaders of anti-Nagarjuna protest who are not hiding their agenda at all.

    This Vijay Kumar Hegde is a failed businessman and now has established SUSI Global Research Center – he is the boss, peon, scientist, patent holder (his claim) and what not. And he claims he can produce electricity from sea waves. When countries like US, Australia where waves are more powerful have given up on that technology here is some mad scientist boasting he has cure to electricity.

    Everyone knows his sole reason for participating in anti-Nagarjuna protest is to get money for his fake technology so that he can be snake oilman of Udupi.

    And now this Vijay Kumar Hegde, Laxman Shetty goondas are threatening they will resort to violence like West Bengal! Don’t these guys have no shame? Or is all shame thrown to the wind when they are shamelessly after foreign money???

  16. Munna Says:

    Well I Have been continously watching the coments from various members in the blog. However none of them reflect concerns about the Village and people who are living there. These people live thier life by cultivating jasmin , growing paddy and other vegitables.

    Questions that arise in mind are ..

    Are the villagers who are asked to move out of that place get sufficient funds from the company
    Are there middle men who eat money and deprive these villagers from getting the true amount
    Do those people still need to interact with corrupt officers in DC ‘s office and run around for their money
    Are these people getting any alternate homes and agricultural land coz agriculture is all they know..


  17. Bhai Says:

    These Balakrishna Shetty and laxman shetty have screwed innocent people of Nandikoor and Padubidri enough.

    Instead of paying money to rented protest and misguiding local unemployed people they should perhaps try to provide jobs instead of sitting like losers in some Dubai.

    And to top it all they are saying they will make Nandikoor a Nandigram! Indian govt should just deport Balakrishna Shetty and Laxman shetty when they fly in first class to India next time.

    Bhai Bahrain

  18. Krishna Suvarna Says:

    Dear All,

    It is very interesting to note the debate going on in the net about the environment. Why I am saying it is very interesting that at least after 30-35 years people have the courage to openly discuss about the negative impact on the environment taking place in Malpe. Some individuals who have self interest in all these things are just manipulating the whole society in the name of politics, by using theri muscle power and political connections. I request EHS captains to visit malpe especially a place called Kola in Malpe, where in they will find so many old people suffering from Paralysis or Heart attacks. So many young children are getting all sorts of deceases and loosing their valuable life due to uncurable deceases. What are the main reasons ? THE STINK IN MALPE. Dirty water being flowing through Malpe. What is the Govt. doing ? They cannot open their mouth, cause they are pushed down by political clouts of Manorama and Pramod.

    Govt of India !!! will you be taking care of the general public’s health or businesses of a chosen greedy politicians!!!

  19. Adyanthaya Says:

    dear people of padubidri & nandikoor area,
    You have been cheated by the leaders you had to stop comming up of @ 2300 MW coal based power plant by NTPC. If the plant would have come by 1995 the area could have developed like any thing.
    Now the private sector thermal power plant is coming up in the same area. When a big project comes there will be some disturbances in the daily life of land loosers. they should be given good renumearion for the land they are loosing.
    I am a power engineer with about 30 years of power plant experience. there is no harm in the power plant coming in the area with modern technology to control SOx & NOx emmissions.
    My concern is I have seen in many places where power plant exists, the power plant area will be glowing with lights in the night time & just out side the power plant there will be darkness due to POWER SHEDDING. When the locals are loosing their land I think that the whole district where the power plant comes should not have any Power Shedding. This will improve the life style of both land loosers the citizens of the district.
    What the politicians are doing?

  20. Haru Says:

    I am a resident of Padubidri. This plant is definitely going to have a very high environmental impact no matter what. Ultimately everyone wants to make a profit and nature is last on anyone’s agenda.

    Though the author of this article haes made long list of allegations, he has not given a single sentence on how the plant will reduce pollution. ALso note that this plant is owned by influential political families and thats how they got approvals inspite of all protests. Till date Lanco does not have a great reputation for power projects.

    This project would have a very damaging impact on the sensitive religious sentiments of the locals.Also we have been informed that a few families who have refused to move out are being harassed and they finally will be forced to move.

    Editor’s note: It is fascinating that Mr.Haru is posting this from General Electric Company (GE) office network! GE is pushing for gas based project instead of coal plants – is that why you are opposing Nagarjuna plant? Purely business reason to protest? Just curious.

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