BALAKRISHNA KAKATKAR OF UDAYA TV CRIME STORY: Another criminal media personality of Karnataka – now accused of driving wife to death by beating, drunkenness – Media, police in a hurry to declare death of his wife, relatives death on same day as “suicide”?

Balakrishna Kakatkar Udaya TV Crime Story - wife kin dead. Police, media hushing up the case as “suicide”?

Yet another “media personality”, “journalist” of Karnataka is now under the scanner of public, police alike.

Balakrishna Kakatkar, once a small time blackmailer now famous as anchor of Udaya TV’s “Crime Story” is now accused of driving his wife to death. As reported by Vijaya Karnataka (see below), Balakrishna Kakatkar routinely assaulted his wife and last week was denied boarding at Delhi airport because he was too drunk. And yesterday his wife and another relative allegedly committed “suicide” taking cyanide.

Balakrishna Kakatkar Vijaya Karnataka report

What is odd about the whole incident is the unusual hurry in declaring these deaths as “suicide” where Balakrishna Kakatkar himself phoned his media friends and informed them of the deaths within minutes of incident. Very fishy indeed – but then again, Balakrishna Kakatkar who built a whole business based on blackmail in the name of his “Crime Story” knows all tricks and loopholes in the law, so not surprising the speed in which incident is being covered up by police, media alike.

Also interesting to see different stories and varying coverage of this double “suicide” in Karnataka newspapers. Except Vijaya Karnataka, every other newspaper probably afraid of Balakrishna Kakatkar’s blackmailing power through “Crime Story” reported this as “suicide”. Otherwise respectable “The Hindu” reported one of the deaths as “heart attack”! (Click here to online edition of “The Hindu” joke of a report on this incident)

We earlier reported in this blog about Balakrishna Kakatkar during rowdy Hitendra Prasad’s murder in Manipal.Balakrishna Kakatkar also had a distorted episode in “Crime Story” about Manipal hospital case where “journalists” Umesh Marpally and Srijith entered emergency room and were kicked out when they took photo of naked patients.

According to Deccan Herald (link to online news report from Deccan Herald here), cases were filed against Balakrishna Kakatkar last year for trying to murder Viresh, a driver and for misusing his licensed revolver. So Balakrishna Kakatkar does have lot of criminal history, yet Udaya TV gives prime time to this criminal.

Balakrishna Kakatkar

Whatever the true story is in the case of his wife and relative’s death, Balakrishna Kakatkar who allegedly made crores by blackmailing people through his “Crime Story” on Udaya TV now stands exposed with his wife beating and drinking problem.

Yet another media personality of Karnataka stands exposed. It is a shame that UDAYA TV gives time to such chronic wife beater, drunken criminal Balakrishna Kakatkar who initially had lot of promise but later turned “Crime Story” into a money making institution for himself.

Big question however is, who will make a “Crime Story” episode on the suspicious death of Balakrishna Kakatkar’s wife and kin within hours on same day?

UPDATED JAN 22, 2007:Many readers have mailed us saying “Hai Bengalooru” this week has written about Balakrishna Kakatkhar and unnatural death of his wife and kin, so it is not fair to paint whole media community in Bangalore as hand in glove with Kakatkar or afraid of Kakatkar. While we congratulate Ravi Belagere for being an exception and taking a principled position, we stand by our question – why Bangalore media and police are in such unusual hurry to wrap this case as “suicide” and why is that after one day whole incident has disappeared altogether from the pages of newspapers?

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22 Comments on “BALAKRISHNA KAKATKAR OF UDAYA TV CRIME STORY: Another criminal media personality of Karnataka – now accused of driving wife to death by beating, drunkenness – Media, police in a hurry to declare death of his wife, relatives death on same day as “suicide”?”

  1. Kenny, Bangalore Says:

    Finally someone writes as you one sees it instead of covering for a fellow journalist. It is a shame Bangalore press has not investigated these death of Kakatkar’s kin.

  2. Dinesh Doddanahalli Says:

    According to my sources Ravi Belagere is already collecting data to make episode about suspicious death of Kakatkar’s wife and relative.


  3. Arjun Dev Says:

    Of course journalists will cover their own ilk. what is that saying..birds of the same feather flock together..or something?

  4. We are planning to cover this in next week’s issue of Vikranta Karnataka. Wait for our scoop on Balakrishna Kakatkar in

    Ravikrishna Reddy

  5. Veera Kannadiga Says:

    Ah irony of the situation. Kakatkar who brought “stringer” concept to Kannada TV by giving thousands of rupees to any footage with blood and gore. I will not be terribly surprised if Kakatkar had arranged for a hidden camera of the whole “suicide” – afterall Udaya TV will promptly telecast it – anything for rating saaar!

    Seriously, this does appear to be a perfect crime or at least it is evident from the suicide notes that Kakatkar is a wife beater (dowry?) and a drunk. Why is police in a hurry to hushup this case?

  6. Subbirama Reddy Says:

    Udaya TV, which supports Kakatkar is full of perverts…
    remeber the call center girl Tanya…who was murdered by her boyfriend…
    no point talking about ethics with these guys…

  7. Jayan Malpe Says:

    I am ashamed to say that, Balakrishna Kakatkars chela is from Udupi. He is none other than RUPESH KALMADY. Like his guru, he too is a petty criminal. I think police should investigate the background of all those who claim to be journalists, to prevent events like Hithendra Prasad`s murder.
    People of Udupi beware of Udupi press club in general, its meber Rupesh Kalmady in particular.

  8. Jeevan Pattanshetty Says:

    Good points, but from the ratings of Crime Story and Crime Diary there are people who enjoy blood and gore. Sign of a fallen soceity perhaps?

    Unless people are not affected by intrusion into their life by these digital camera wielding blackmailers they may not protest – and worse, enjoy the blood and gore on the screen. I don’t know how these people can sleep at night after watching “Crime Story”, “Crime Diary” just before bedtime though!

  9. Vasu Says:

    Is the above comment from real Ravikrishna Reddy of Vikrana Karnataka?

    Because everyone knows Lankesh Patrike’s open support to Balakrishna Kakathkar. And all old Lankesh owls like Ravindra Reshme, lawyer C.S.Dwarakanath have now moved to Vikranta Karnataka after Indrajit kicked them out.

    So forget Ravikrishna Reddy publishing anything about Balakrishna Kakathkar in Vikranta Karnataka. I am willing to bet instead there will be article from C.S.Dwarakanath about how Balakrishna Kakathkar is right in killing his wife and kin.

    Vasu Bengalooru

  10. Ra Somanath Says:

    Balakrishna Kaktkar is from Communism & Naxal school in the garb of journalism. If you want proof for this read my article in
    We at Lankesh patrike always support people with these special qualities, whatever their crimes may be.

  11. ravi belagere Says:

    dear frnd,
    I got to know about the blog thru Jogi, my journalist frnd. Thank you for the neat and honest stand taken by the persons running the blog. I am not a net animal. Whatever has happened with Mrs. Rashmi Kakatkar and her brother Indushekhar Bhide has been registered by me in my magzine Hi Bangalore. Kakatkar has been exposed. Ulitmately one has to stand by the truth. Mrs Rashmi Kakatkar always called me Anna and i felt that her cry should not go unheard. Let Balakrishna Kakatkar become the President of this country and let my Mercy Petetion be before him: I will not allow the cry of his helpless wife go unheard. I cannot allow this lady go from this planet with the blemish that she slept with her brother: which Kakatkar is trying to make everybody believe.
    I once again thank the blog. I dont mind my mail id getting published.

    Ravi Belagere

  12. Varadaraj Says:

    Hi ravi keep up the good work in exposing Kakatkar. Police have already hushed up the case no doubt from all contacts Kakatkar has there. I think a petition to Governor and or President of India also may yield some results.

  13. Keshav Patel Bidar Says:

    Programmes like “Crime Story” cater to lowest common dinominator of viewers. At least it started that way. But now has become main stream and with the ratings gone to their head, people like Kakatkar think they can get away with anything.

    Only solution to this is to bring pressure on Udaya TV advertisers who advertise during “Crime Story” Just boycott their product. Or write to them saying you don’t appreciate seeing their ads.

  14. Prem Says:

    Now I really like to see videos of Kakathkar getting kicked out the plane in Newdelhi airport because he is drunk! I am happy to see exposing people like Kakathkar who run around with cameras pointed at deadbodies now getting taste of their own medicine.

  15. Suresh Sharma Says:

    Mass Mentality
    (1) This is what happens typically.
    (2) I am surprised reaction by Ravi Belagere.
    (3) Show me a family that does not have issues and a personilty like Kakathkar with so much of media exposure.

  16. NotAChela Says:

    Suresh Sharma I don’t understand your logic. Are you saying Kakatkar has rights to push his wife to death just because he is a public personality? What do you mean “this is what happens typically”?

    What is ironic in the situation is, Kakatkar is a person who goes around with his camera crew taping all kind of blood and gore without any respect to privacy of people concerned. And now are you saying we should keep silent when Balakrishna Kakatkar has been accused of forcing his wife to death by spreading bad rumours about her?

  17. balance Says:

    Well NotA Chela,

    I think Suresh has read this entire document and has expressed his feelings. I am not surprised by Suresh’s feeling. He has kind of analyzed the situation from Kakathkar’s angle.

    While, Balakrishna Kakathkar should have handled his family affairs better; I feel pity for him too.

    NotAChela; Divorce are the right way to handle these situations. A lot of social changes have occured unfortunately which makes man act the way they do.

  18. Seetharam K Says:

    Suresh – every family has problems I agree. But last I checked we live in a democracy and there are laws and rules if you can’t get along with someone instead of smearing your wife by spreading false news and forcing her to take her life. And being public personality like Kakatkar one can argue he has to be more responsible instead of using his contacts in government and police to hush up a clear case of murder due to harassment and blackmail.

  19. Prakash Says:


    No doubt; Kakathkar should have chosen better options. If he has used his weight for wrong intent and that is wrong. However, we do not know this. We are only assuming. If he flies to Delhi, it must have been for a reason is’nt it? I would think Kakathkar is a strong person (at least did not consume cyanide himself). No person would intend to lead an other person into death unless things have happened as circumstances.

    Kakathkar did not kill his wife. Did he? Unfortuanately, his killed wife should have been a little more brave to face the world instead of choosing the option to commit suicide is’nt it? Let the dead rest in peace; but having said that we should n ot try add misery to the situation.

    EDITOR’S NOTE to person posting as Suresh Sharma / balance / Prakash – we know you are a same person posting under different names. While you may have your own reasons to support Balakrishna Kakatkar passionately, please use a consistent name and stop name calling as we want to keep discussion open and “clean” here. Thank you

  20. Seetharam K Says:


    You have no idea what you are talking about. There are even rumours that Kakatkar himself gave cyanide to his wife or gave it through some food saying it is some temple’s “prasada” to get rid of all problems they are having.

    And you talk about how his wife should have faced the world better. But don’t forget how powerful Kakatkar is – just see how is earlier drinking problem which resulted in shooting his drinking buddies / drivers – case has been hushed up now. He has contacts in Vidhanasoudha, police department not to mention whole Bangalore media (except few) is afraid of Kakatkar. And Kakatkar used all his powers to spread rumours about his wife and also physically assaulted her big time. It is a shame that we live in a democracy where husband can beat wife openly (there are witness to his wife beating problem – drivers, servant etc)

    What is more unfortunate is people like you are buying Kakatkar’s cock and bull story and blindly support him.

  21. Arvind Pattanavara Says:

    Those blindly supporting Kakathkar must not have endured Kakathkar’s blackmailing power. I agree he had lot of potential when he started Crime Story. But anyone who has seen recent episodes can see that he is taking money and using it for blackmail those who did not pay him up. What kind of person goes to others bedroom with camera??? Prakash send your address to Kakathkar so that he can get you on “Crime Story”

  22. Chinmaya Raman B V Says:

    Sometimes though the matter in Crime Story sence right, some times it is more of exagarations. More of times, he takes matters possing innocent, & later add masala (remix) to make a figure as he wishes. Some matter may prove essential as of Cow slaughter, presented on 7th & 8th, wherein no media had so far guts to show the real face of slaughter houses. It is quite timely to highlight this true side of our self created system drawbacks, as granting of licences recklessely, which creates a wide gap of ethical drawbacks among commounities, create enviornmental pollution, & whole loss to economy.

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