SAGA OF FAKE JOURNALISTS CONTINUES – Yet another blackmailer in the guise of “journalist” arrested

Fake journalists galore in Coastal Karnataka

Regular readers of this blog are aware how this blog has fought against blackmail journalism prevailing in Mangalore and Udupi and also at Karnataka / India in general. In fact, we started this blog to expose two fake journalists entering hospital emergency room in Manipal and taking photos of patients there without authorization. In the process they also interfered with medical staff who were busy treating seriously injured patients. And to top it all, notorious Udupi Press Club supported these fake journalists.

Since then we have regularly reported on criminals running newspapers with sole purpose of blackmail, murderers posing as journalists, editors like B.V.Seetharam of Karavali Ale group taking money from jobless politicians to create communal riots,  journalists running liquor shops, journalists looting temple money by currying favour with political parties, journalists taking “gani kappa” from mining lobby truck owners etc etc.

And now comes a report from Puttur about a “journalist” who tried to blackmail businessmen and was caught by police.

Fake journalist arrested in Puttur

At the rate at which fake journalists are being caught in Udupi Mangalore area, one has to wonder are there any genuine journalists left at all in this region?

We yet again demand there be a standard, uniform media credentials or ID in India. See our earlier post on “Case for standard / uniform credentials and ID for media in India”.

Every other professional job in India requires some sort of qualifications and credentials, but anyone claiming to be a “journalist” without any ID can go scot free. Any attempt to question this results in the usual rhetoric about “attack on freedom of press” without addressing the core issue of fake journalism.

If not government, how difficult it is for genuine journalists to come together and establish some sort of ID / verification mechanism for their own benefit before general public start treating every journalist / media person as fake? It is time real media personalities stand up on this issue.


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