KARNATAKA CHIEF JUSTICE CYRIAC JOSEPH ON MEDIA: “Unconfirmed, baseless, irresponsible reports anti-national” and are like “fatherless babies”

Karnataka Chief Justice Cyriac Joseph on irresponsble media

After Karnataka Lokayukta Justice Santosh Hegde decried “trial by media” (click for earlier post here), it is now turn of another prominent personality of Karnataka today – none other than Chief Justice Cyriac Joseph – to condemn irresponsible reporting by media.

Cyriac Joseph on corrupt media

Newspaper we respect – “The Hindu” – deserves kudos for carrying this report. Not surprisingly no other media, newspaper covered this scathing – but valid – attack by Justice Cyriac Joseph at all! Selective self-censoring by media? We saw that in coverage of Balakrishna Kakatkar’s wife and kin’s highly suspicious death earlier this month – where Bangalore media covered up the deaths under the threat from drunkard, wife beater, blackmailer Balakrishna Kakatkar. 


We salute Chief Justice Cyriac Joseph to openly make these excellent observations on sorry state of media today.

Cyriac Joseph on corrupt unethical media

Very harsh words out there by Justice Cyriac Joseph – but perfectly valid points. Kudos to Chief Justice for speaking his mind on this issue.


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3 Comments on “KARNATAKA CHIEF JUSTICE CYRIAC JOSEPH ON MEDIA: “Unconfirmed, baseless, irresponsible reports anti-national” and are like “fatherless babies””

  1. Santhosh Manvi Says:

    Good post. Judicial activism is all nice to hear – I only wish they take the next step and do something.

    To give an example, Balakrishna Kakatkar in day light killed his wife and kin see what happenned after that? After the initial questions died down he is back to his normal life while two lives are lost. Why can’t judiciary take Suo moto action on such incidents and give confidence to public?

    Anyway I highly respect Cyriac Joseph and hope that words are put into action..

  2. Srivatsa M Says:

    Judiciary can certainly do many things to stop the rot set in media today. This is a good start by Hon CJ Cyriac. Let us hope something comes out of it.


  3. Domino Udyavara Says:

    Before pointing fingers at media, perhaps his excellency Cyriac Joseph may want to clean the increasing corruption in courts!!! Cases that go on for years…let him fix that first.

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