ETV HONCHO IN TROUBLE – FREEDOM OF PRESS EXAMINED:Criminals, business empires, shady businessmen, land sharks getting into “media business” as a cover for shady operations?


In view of the recent controversy over Andhra Pradesh Government’s action over ETV Mogul Ramoji Rao, famous blog Churumuri has a great post on what really constitutes “Freedom of press” and whether a line should be drawn when it comes to blindly supporting media moguls when they get away with illegal acts.

Click here to read full post from Churumuri. 

Some highlights:

It is also a fact that many a time this freedom boils down to freedom of the proprietor, more than the freedom of the journalist. And this is a subject which attracts very passionate debates within the media circles.

It is no secret that dozens if not hundreds of fly-by-night operators and businessmen with dubious track records start media organisations, only as a cover for their illegal activities.

Another blog which exposes the current land scam Ramoji is embroiled in: – this blog has the latest and many news clippings in Telugu. 

This blog has earlier exposed illegal activities of ETVs reporters and “stringers”. Raking up controversy when there is none, “creating” news when there is none and then reap the benefits of ratings has become the standard. When we exposed role of ETV’s Udupi contact in a massive land scam, we received several threatening notes which name dropped Ramoji’s contacts in Delhi and how Cyber Intelligence Unit of Indian Govt will come after us – as if Cyber Intelligence Unit of Indian Govt has no other job than investigate a blog based on a “complaint” by a lowly ETV stringer from a small town such as Udupi!

Churumuri’s post does raise interesting questions.

Let us take some local examples which we have covered in the blog where “freedom of press” tag has been misused by anti-social, criminal elements:

It is time to start questioning such shady characters misusing “media” tag for illegal activities and raise “freedom of press” bogey when exposed.

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