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MANGALORE:Arundathi Roy shares stage with communal riot sponsor B.V.Seetharam of “Karavali Ale”

May 23, 2007

Arundathi Roy shares stage with Editor arrested for creating communal problems in Coastal Karnataka

In a recent “seminar” organised in Mangalore by a well known communal organisation “Komu Souharda Vedike”, writer Arundathi Roy shared the stage with B.V.Seetharam – who was arrested for causing communal tension in Coastal Karnataka and has a history of pouring fuel into communal riots.

Churumuri has more on her talk which touched very predictable topics like Gujarat etc. Not much surprise there.

However what is surprising is Ms.Roy shared the stage with a well known communal riot instigator like B.V.Seetharam was arrested not once but twice for causing communal tension in Mangalore.

It is really interesting to see double standards practised by someone like Arundathi Roy who has made a career out of bashing so called “communal forces” – and now sharing the stage with a communal riot instigator herself!

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“THE STATESMAN” of Kolkata quotes UdupiPressVictim Blog on B.V.Seetharam’s blackmail journalism

May 8, 2007

“The Statesman” of Kolkata covers Udupi Press Victim blog on B.V.Seetharam’s blackmail journalism

Reader Prashanth Jain writes “I read about your blog in The Statesman Kolkata Edition. However their online version does not carry that article anymore, but Google’s cache contains the article”

Thanks Prashanth for forwarding the link.

Highlights from the article whose heading was “Journalist in the dock” – author unknown but is listed as “The author is The Statesman’s Bangalore-based Special Representative

While some people are supportive of the couple, others have accused them of seeking to blackmail the wealthy Jain community and other businessmen and firms for advertisements. For example, claimed that the eveninger, Karavali Ale, its chief editor and wife had demanded money from the wealthy Jain community in Mangalore for ensuring that he did not write against their munis.

Another blogger said: “What we have here is a simple case of sleazy blackmail journalism by Karavali Ale and BV Seetharam and the portraying of this as some kind of freedom of the Press issue is pure nonsense.

Karavali Ale and BV Seetharam have a history of writing against minority communities (remember the Kodikal church attack or attacks on Muslims during the Mangalore communal riots after Karavali Ale wrongly published the death of one teacher Bhat ~ when he was in fact alive?) And now when caught on the wrong foot (or rather, with the pen in the mouth), the whole incident is being portrayed as a freedom of Press issue.”

Kudos to the writer for giving credit to the blog (with complete address of the blog).

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May 6, 2007

BVSee couple blackmailers 

Coastal Karnataka’s “Blackmail couple”: Karavali Ale Editor B.V.Seetharam and “Managing Director” (aka Hafta collector) Rohini S. 

Blackmail journalist couple BVSeetharam now target Karnataka State Women’s Commission

In their latest attempt to wriggle out of legal mess they are in after being arrested for blackmailing Jain community in Coastal Karnataka, B.V.Seetharam is not leaving any stone unturned – even resorting to using his wife as a front to gain sympathy.

Seetharam’s wife Rohini (who is also accused of calling businesses and blackmailing them by demanding they place Ads in Karavali Ale Group of newspapers) is now complaining against Karnataka State Women’s Commission!

Let us see – first this blackmailing B.V.Seetharam couple complain about police (who were merely acting on a complaint filed by Jain community)

Then BVSee couple complains about judiciary and judges (supported by “rent-a-protester” like retired judge M.F.Saldanha)

And now they say State Women’s Commission is not acting on their complaint.

Does it even occur to this shameless couple that may be what they did was indeed wrong? Or has BVSee couple lost all their senses and can’t distinguish what is right from what is wrong? If it is latter, that does explain why BVSee couple shamelessly continues sleazy journalism in Karavali Ale group of newspapers.

However to Rohini’s dismay, Chairperson of Karnataka Women’s Commission has a different tale to tell which punctures the myth being spread by BVSee couple.

From “The Hindu” May 6th Bangalore Edition:

However, Ms. Nesargi had a different tale to tell. “But for my intervention, Ms. Rohini would not have been released. The moment I received the information, I contacted the police at Panambur and Sagar and asked them to release her immediately.”

After that, Ms. Nesargi said, she neither contacted me nor updated the Commission about the incident. She had not received any communication from Ms. Rohini, she said.

Thus exposing pathetic lies of B.V.Seetharam and his wife.


It is a whole different matter that it was B.V.Seetharam’s brainchild to drag his wife to jail at midnight when police came to BVSee’s home with arrest warrant. Police had no intention to arrest Rohini – but quick thinking B.V.Seetharam thought that by dragging his wife to jail he may get out jail quickly due to sympathy factor.

See below from “Hai Bengalooru” which has details what happenned that night and why Rohini was arrested.

 BVSeetharam forced police to arrest Rohini at midnight

By reading this one can realise manipulative thinking of B.V.See who did not even hesitate to drag his wife to jail so that he can get out of the mess quickly.

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