MANGALORE:Arundathi Roy shares stage with communal riot sponsor B.V.Seetharam of “Karavali Ale”

Arundathi Roy shares stage with Editor arrested for creating communal problems in Coastal Karnataka

In a recent “seminar” organised in Mangalore by a well known communal organisation “Komu Souharda Vedike”, writer Arundathi Roy shared the stage with B.V.Seetharam – who was arrested for causing communal tension in Coastal Karnataka and has a history of pouring fuel into communal riots.

Churumuri has more on her talk which touched very predictable topics like Gujarat etc. Not much surprise there.

However what is surprising is Ms.Roy shared the stage with a well known communal riot instigator like B.V.Seetharam was arrested not once but twice for causing communal tension in Mangalore.

It is really interesting to see double standards practised by someone like Arundathi Roy who has made a career out of bashing so called “communal forces” – and now sharing the stage with a communal riot instigator herself!

Your thoughts?

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One Comment on “MANGALORE:Arundathi Roy shares stage with communal riot sponsor B.V.Seetharam of “Karavali Ale””

  1. Raviraj Valalmbe Gowda Says:

    Arundhati Roy is MAD. You just have to see the video of her speech…
    go to
    and decide for yourself…
    I am just wondering who provides “FUNDS” for these pseudo intellectuals? (business class tickets/ star hotel stay etc)

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