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Press Council of India Defaulter since 2005 – B.V.Seetharam now complains to PCI about this blog – claims “misuse of Internet” LOL

February 12, 2009

B.V.SEETHARAM – TOPS DEFAULTER LIST ON PRESS COUNCIL OF INDIA WEBSITE. Is B.V.Seetharam misusing membership of PCI to further his blackmail activities?

B V Seetharam defaults of PCI for years but still complains to PCI

B V Seetharam is prominently displayed as "defaulter" on Press Council of India website since year 2005!

Perhaps even best of the comedy writers can’t script this or is this an indication how delusional a blackmail journalist becomes when he is exposed.

We are now in possession of an email sent by B.V.Seetharam to Press Council of India where he demands ban on this website. Comedy because for someone claiming to be champion of free speech and media,  B.V.Seetharam surely does not believe in practicising what he preaches.

B.V.Seetharam of Chitra Publications Mangalore – a notorious blackmail journalist fresh out of jail in a blackmail incident – publishes “Karavali Ale”,”Sanje Ale”, “Kannada Janantaranga”, “Canara Times”, disturbing communal harmony and peace in Coastal Karnataka, has been prominently displayed as “Defaulter” on Press Council of India website since year 2005 owing thousands of rupees to Press Council of India.

Even other journalists including Karnataka’s most popular journalist Ravi Belagere  dissociate themselves from B.V.Seetharam’s style of blackmail journalism.

And in an unprecedented protest in Mangalore, thousands including women and children came out openly to protest blackmail tactics of B.V.Seetharam recently.

But without any shame B.V.Seetharam and Karavali use the fact that they are member of Press Council of India to boast how this rag is a “genuine” newspaper and get advertisements from government institutions to subsidize their blackmail journalism.

We had covered it in our earlier blog post long time ago on this blog (read “Karavali Ale tops Press Council of India Default List”) and one can even now visit Press Council of India website to verify it (


B.V.Seetharam of Karavali Ale

B.V.Seetharam of Karavali Ale

Press Council of India defaulter B.V.Seetharam complains to PCI about the blog and sees “misuse of Internet” for exposing his lies out in open

Since when Blogs come under the purview of Press Council of India? What jurisdiction does PCI have on websites which can be hosted in any country in the world?

One has to pity B.V.Seetharam for not knowing even basics of journalism or blogging!

Irony of B.V.Seetharam demanding muzzling of blogs

Even if we discount this feudal journalist’s state of mind after enjoying his stay in variety of Karnataka jails (ordered by various Karnataka Courts), B.V.Seetharam who boasts about “Freedom of Press”, “Freedom of Media” is now complaining about a medium of free speech like this blog. Very ironic indeed.

For years this blog has exposed B.V.Seetharam and his blackmail journalism to whole world with documentation. We even carried interview of Bhojaraja Shetty, a blackmail victim of B.V.Seetharam where BVSeetharam demanded 1 Lakh Rupees to not publish a concocted story. That post remains one of the highest viewed post on this blog with hundreds of people visiting it daily to know more about B.V.Seetharam’s blackmail journalism.

B.V.Seetharam’s double talk

How can someone like B.V.Seetharam who claims immunity from courts, police, his victims under “Freedom of Press” umbrella, now complain about a blog which is exposing his misdeeds?

As usual B.V.Seetharam stands exposed in front of the whole world.


Are you a victim of B.V.Seetharam and his band of blackmailers claiming to be “reporters”, “journalists”? Are you sick and tired of inaction of PCI in managing blackmail journalists? Are you tired of complaining to Press Council of India? Share your stories or send them over to for publication – your identity will be kept confidential if you so desire.

Help the country by exposing this blackmail journalist B.V.Seetharam and also campaign for reforming PCI which many claim is totally ineffective in dealing with blackmailers like B.V.Seetharam.