About Pragatipara Patrakartara Vedike (Platform for Progressive Journalists)

Pragatipara Patrakartara Vedike

About Pragatipara Patrakartara Vedike (Platform for Progressive Journalists)

Pragatipara Patrakartara Vedike was established in Udupi by concerned citizens and journalists in response to hijacking of media in Coastal Karnataka by corrupt, blackmailing and pervert characters.

Anyone who is concerned about privacy and dignity of citizens are welcome to join us – you need not even be a journalist as we strongly believe in the concept of “Readers Editor” adopted by the likes of Guardian Newspaper UK, The Hindu, BBC.


Our logo has Dr.B.R.Ambedkar, Dr.Martin Luther King, Dr.Nelson Mandela and Che. Each of them represent different aspect and we can relate and get inspired from their struggle.

All of them fought against a corrupt system– just like how this blog has fought against corrupt media persons of Udupi, who even went to the extent of filing false complaint when caught red-handed taking photos of naked patients inside the hospital.

Media suppressed other point of view in the Manipal Hospital incident – just like how above heroes had to go through oppressive system.

So we see lot of similarity with what Dr.Ambedkar and others had to go through – they were voiceless – like medical fraternity whose point of view was not published by Udupi media.

They were oppressed – just like how medical community and citizens of Udupi were blackmailed and oppressed by blackmailing media.

BUT, they did not give up even when faced with extreme adversity in achieving what they aspired for – so we are just following the footsteps of above great leaders. So join us in this journey to fight for our rights.

Anyone can join – just send an email to udupipressvictim@gmail.com


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